Winter speed zone

Need help in the speed zone for winter season, any advice? Idk what to try, or how. Maybe 228kmh is too much¿? maybe Im doing it wrong? traffic and stone walls are annoying too xd

Try the Ferrari 599xx E with tune by Satanic Demonz called Winter Trap. Use TCS. Took me a few tries. Very annoying stunts this week.

Thank you, I ended doing it with the koenigg but the TCS hint helped me. I cant download tunes because of the annoying bug “You have too many saves of this file type.” The tune can be downloaded but it does not apply to the car and I have like 2 tunes for the koeniggseg and nothing more… I have nearly 500 paintjobs but I though those files where separated.

I think the stunts are picked randomly because its so annoying on winter. Oh and idk why but the speed trap was 217kmh. I dont know why but I confuse my record with the requeriment.

If you have 1 tune on a car you can delete it, and it stays on the car. Then you can put a tune on another car, and delete it. That way you always have a tune left for all of your cars.

Nah, I did search about the problem and found this video Too Many Saves FATAL Bug ON Forza Horizon 4 - YouTube the thing is that I dont have tunes, I have like 430 (limit is 500) paintjobs but downloaded tunes like 2 or 3 I pretty much play with default tune that give you the upgrades. Seems that this error is caused on those who lost their save progress like me in the past. Anyway still I see absurd put this limitation when you have more than 700 cars, for paintjobs and tunes. Its obvious that for us, that like cars a lot, we will try, collect, and customize lots of cars. Oh and I saw this error on other games, FM5, FH3… is like the old data on the cloud from the past progress is just bugging the game

I do tunning a lot more on FM7, here for me it just works with default btw

They always pick the worst PR stunts in every winter season.


Its not just that speedzone. Jesko is amazing, but we are getting this hypercar in the winter. And we have to go through a snow-covered road event on another Koenigsegg. Which means putting AWD and winter tires on one of them. My heart was bleeding. With that though, it is easy.

I gave up on the speedzone btw. I wasnt even close. First time that happened to me. But my patience isnt limitless and this wasnt fun at all.

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i found the easiest way for me was to set off from halfway up the hill on the left and floor it in an hoonigan rs200 tuned to x class …i hit it at 170mph …hope this is of help

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Yeah 135mph is too high. Had a few tries in a suitable car and my best is 132 so far. No doubt I can do it but most will struggle with this.

edit - an X-class Hoonigan RS200 did the trick.

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i used hoonigan rs200 for speed zone aswell 140mph after about 10 attempts

tune is by SoAwesomeSheep 155 020 090

This x1000

One shot and done with this Tune, Thanks for the Link to the Tune

+1 2nd attempt with this tune after so many frustrating single figure misses entered zone over bridge at 155mph …

Did it 3 attemps with the Hoonigan RS200 in S998 class.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12 - S2 Snow/Ice Grip by Kbowtuning.
Code 148 728 328

Took a couple of attempts but got it. Founding coming from the North was best.


599xx evo on winter tires finally worked for me starting from the Ambleside end. Pretty sure this is a repeat.

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I used Hoonigan RS200, with my s2 998 tune and did it on third attempt.
Failed 5 times before with Agera RS.

Edit: Forza Horizon 4, Winter Toft speed zone vs Hoonigan Ford RS200 Evo - YouTube

i zued the diablo lamb gtr…tune iz a s2 snow setup on the tune list it got brushed alloy rims not i mean they are metal looking no paint

I also used an S2 snow tune of the Diablo GTR, did it on the 2nd attempt, with traffic spoiling the first.

For the Koenigsegg event to unlock the Jesko, I used a normal race tyre tune of the CCGT, it’s not ideal but it was no problem at all to powerslide it round the snowy corners and beat the AI, quite good fun really.

Cannot do this one, think they’ve pushed it way to far this time. It’s impossible.

Small piece of advice but do it from the way coming into Ambleside, like ritemare I used a Diablo with a Winter tune and got it 2nd try, having as much speed as possible coming in to the start of the zone gives you more margin for error in the corner.

Irritating how the game will not let you do that or any other speed zone though until it’s finished dishing out it’s leaderboard nonsense, if I’ve failed it I don’t care that what top percentage my PB is in or who in my club is nearest to it, I just want to get on with it and try again.

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