Why are there still no additional racing leagues?

Here we are in April, and T10 has still not added any additional racing leagues to the single player career. I beat all of the career leagues (the ones I care about, at least) a LONG time ago, and with nothing else to do at that point, I put the game down for months (literally haven’t touched it at all since January). I just fired it back up today to see if anything worthwhile has changed, and I’m dumbfounded that they still have done nothing to address this. Since most of the cars in my garage could only be used in 1 or 2 series at the most before becoming useless and ineligible to compete in any other modes, I ask, where is the replay value for someone who doesn’t like multiplayer? Anyone want to buy a used LCE edition?

Rivals, painting and tuning can all be done without engaging in multiplayer.

I forgot about Rivals, but that’s still not enough. I can’t possibly be the only one who finds this to be a problem. We don’t need more car packs, T10, we need more tracks and more racing leagues for career mode, as those are the things that have been sorely missing since day one. This game has lots of potential, but as of right now, it feels more like a prologue to FM6 than anything else.

Ding, ding, ding!

You expect a content filled game like Forza Motorsport 4 but, you are missing the big picture here.

To make a game on the next console they had to start almost at zero again. Simply copying over cars and tracks like they did from Forza 2 - Forza 4 would be more unacceptable than having the lack of content we deal with now. At least now we get a fresh look at what we can expect from Turn 10 and the upcoming Forza games. Remember the hardest part is starting new, when it’s finished adding content is much easier and will result in much more content in the next game.

Also remember, “getting your monies worth” is playing the game in it’s entirety and not expect to be treated like royalty because you bought their game and want to play it very specifically.

Welcome to the Forums and hope you did enjoy what you have played so far! :slight_smile:

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Or, race in an actual league at sites like TORA and VM. Much better than chasing Drivatars.

Looks like you’ve run out of single player game then.

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I’ve seen a great deal of commentary and read many a thread here on the forums over the past several years as a moderator. I’ve seen lots of complaints about the single player career in Forza Motorsport 3, 4 and now 5. I’ve seen complaints that the career was repetitive, that it was boring, and countless complaints that there was far, far, far too much racing to do to complete the entire career. I cannot recall ever having seen anyone complain that there was not enough to do in career. Not once. That said, I’ve not read every thread posted so perhaps there is a groundswell of opinion out there that I’ve completely missed and you are not alone.

Should you like to see more added to the single player career, I would strongly recommend posting your request in the game features wishlist stickied at the top of the forum.

Best of luck to you.

more is always better. it took me a moth to level 50 affinity and i think about another month to bucket list fm4. that said dont leave in a tease, i bought the 360 with forza and it only had essentials despite the “two full games” claim. i went ballastic when in just the 3rd collumn of checklisting career i had the asignment to do something in a galarrado which i couldn’t even buy. you guys should hire someone with ocd, sometimes our openion of minor and major are opposite. whoops. sorry. forgot you are a mod not a dev. dev tags have started poping up this week. likeing that turn ten is starting to listen to the community tho.

Join a league. The Career is boring anyways. Check out the racers lounge for a bunch of leagues.

You need to join online racing leagues. For some reason you chose to ignore the previous suggestion of this which I find strange.It is by far the best experience on forza. Check out VM Motorsports,TORA etc.

Get in a car and see if you can do an hour straight at Bathurst with sim damage.

Race against the leaderboards. Learn how to tune cars. There are hours and hours of things you can do by yourself.

And leagues like Virtual Motorsports are addicting and can bring the immersion to a whole new level. You might drift off to sleep with a track layout going through your head.

Honestly, the single player career is the very last thing that I buy Forza for.

There is a whole feature dedicated to folks such as yourself: it’s called ‘Free Play’. Here, you can create any race of your liking and the experience and rewards are the same as those presented in the career mode. Turn 10 gave you the tools to use your imagination - it is up to you to venture about and use them.

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All of the above.

As has been posted above,the game is what you make it.

You just don’t get it do you? The game is there to introduce you to the world of forza. The community via racing leagues,painting,drifting and all the rest that the community offers in these forums is there for you to expand the parameters of the game.
The game is there,don’t complain if you’re not prepared to make the effort.

Not sure why you are responding multiple times before I have even had the chance to respond once - did you get confused and not realize that it wasn’t me who posted whatever it is you are responding to? Anyway, I’m not sure why you are taking such a hostile tone - you need to calm down, guy. As I said, I don’t care for multiplayer very much, and generally prefer a career type of setting because I like the feeling of progression and accomplishment. Also, every time I have played multiplayer in the past, it’s always a bunch of morons who crash into me and run me of the track - not exactly fun for someone who races clean and cares about being competitive. I’ll look into the racing leagues to see if that will renew my interest, but again, I still prefer to race in a career setting against driveatars (on the hardest setting) and compete with people via my lap times on the leaderboards (some of which are very competitive). Just because I have a different preference on how I like to spend my time in a game than you do does not mean that I’m not “making the effort” to use what is available, or that I’m wrong for wanting a more fleshed out career mode.


I humbly apologize for the tone in which my post came across,it was harsh and should know a lot better than to post on here after a few glasses of wine.Do check out the online racing leagues though you’ll have a blast.

Free play mode, just set up your own races all the tools are in place.

All the tools are not available in Free Play, you can not set up a Vintage race or one with only V8 Supercars for example…