Why am I getting intermittent frame rate stutters?

These are occasional and very random.

Every minute I spend on the track, it happens between 1 and 3 times, irrespective of whether I’m connected to Live or not, whether it’s a hot lap or full grid race.

I never leave games paused in the background and always shut the console down completely.

What’s causing these stutters? Nothing game-breaking, but minor annoyance as you’re sliding and trying to get the nose pointed where it should be, and a split second stutter can throw you off.

Perform a complete Xbox One power cycle (do not just turn the console off/on). This will clear the console’s temporary memory cache and is a process which has been known to fix graphical and audio-based anomalies.

I’m already doing this (stuff mentioned in the link). I’ve turned off Instant On.

I see the green xbox screen every time I turn it on. I always quit my game before shutting off the console; I only turn it off by holding the power butting down for a while so that the power brick turns orange. Then I kill the wall outlet switch.

What else can I do to get rid of these stutters permanently? It’s somewhat affecting gameplay.

Interestingly, there are NO stutters at all in FH2. These two are the only two games I have on The One right now.

And I don’t have anything running in the background as I haven’t explored the dash a while lot. Also, I’m not connected to Live.

This is getting to me a little. Shouldn’t be happening in a game by T10 on the new X1!

I always make sure that no other processes are running in the background like recording to hard drive etc.

There are some tracks where the game will ‘freeze’ for a moment, especially at the le mans circuit.

It happens on all tracks, irrespective of game mode or number of cars, online/offline. Which leads me to believe the way the game reads data off the HDD is the culprit. I don’t remember noticing it this much before the update.

Seeing your other posts…

  • have you got the latest and greatest firmware for the console installed?
  • are you 10000% sure your console and TV are in sync and TV is running without any assists like 800Hz whatever nonsense
  • does the same happen with console and controller wired? And wireless?

And, as as general pointer; why is it you keep opening topics for questions/issues that seem to be addressed in several other topics already (with or without solution) where you have had 1.5 years to read up before purchasing a One just a few days ago?

  • All updates for the console and controller are up to date.
  • My TV has no motion enhancements, and the other quality enhancements, I always keep them off.
  • I only play wireless. Haven’t tried playing with a wired controller. Would have to sit too close to the screen though.

Issue is known and being faced by many fans; no solution/update/patch from T10. If it’s not too much to ask, could you give me links to those discussions where this issue was brought to light and discussed at length? I’ve already tried all the fixes I’ve been reading up on forums, but to no avail.

Thank you for your feedback.

“An issue faced by many fans,” but you can’t find any threads where the problem is discussed at length? That’s because the problem, as you describe it, is unique to you and, as of late, I’ve not seen anyone else mention any such problems.

I’ve already suggested a complete console power cycle, which you say you’ve completed. Have you attempted a game uninstall/reinstall? Are you running Forza Motorsport 5 from the console’s hard drive or from an external hard drive?

I’m having the exact same issues since day one. On all tracks at times, Nordschleife being the worst. Every single race i do there, single player, free play or multiplayer it happens every race. Framerate drops to 10 or so it seems, its most obvious looking at the trees beside the track. The flickering is almost painful to the eyes.

I haven’t posted this on here before because i know there is nothing that can or will be done about it. Btw, power cycles do nothing about the framerate issues, it just fixes the sound, chat issues for a short while.

It is unfortunate you are experiencing these issues, but for your one post I know there is the majority of us who have no frequent issues whatsoever with frame rate in Forza Motorsport 5. To see the game drop down to what you claim to be 10 frames, if prevalent with other owners, would have this forum raging very, very hard. Based on your experiences, there is definitely something wrong; but, I assure you, it is not at all common.

Have you attempted a complete uninstall/reinstall of the game? What other applications might you have running in background? Do you have the game installed on the console’s hard drive or on an external device? Even if you are experiencing the issues during single player, do you know that the console has a reliable connection? Apart from having your console’s connection shut down entirely, the game still communicates with the servers during single player and multiplayer activity.

Lastly, a console power cycle does resolve some graphical issues. When you perform a console power cycle, you are clearing the console’s temporary memory cache which contains graphical and audio files (in addition to others) and has been known to correct visual stability problems from time to time. Despite how you see it, the power cycle is an important process in troubleshooting. If you overlook that just because you assume it has no effect, you are hindering (not helping) anyone who is trying to solve the issue.


And no, the forum would not be raging cause you all dont actually care.

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The known frame drop on a particular spot of Le Mans is one thing. Frequent frame drops down to “10” and “painful flickering” on the Nurburgring, as the poster I had quoted reports, is a completely different situation. You know that, DUST … or you just didn’t take a moment to read which comment I was responding to.

its not “one thing”… Its the same thing.

Its caused by asset streaming.

EDIT: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst15779_Nurburgring-lighting-issues.aspx

Shadow maps most likely. Not an uncommon graphical glitch, at all.

You all dont care. stop pretending its only him.

YES, I’ve done a full uninstall and re-install which required me to painfully wait another 10 to 11 hours to download the huge title update.

YES, I have my game installed to the console’s internal HDD.

YES, I’ve done a hard reset/power cycle, which cures the sound bug for a while, not the frame rate stutters.

Those of you who are not facing it, well and good. Although that may largely have to do with either the issue not bothering you at all, or going unnoticed.

It is definitely there; the best way to test it is hit close to 400 km/h on the Mulsanne straight before the easy right hander. The higher your speed is, the more evident the pause.

Good day!

Can’t believe an issue like THIS comes tagging along in a game that’s been a silky smooth uninterrupted 60 fps for almost a decade!

Issue has existed on Le Mans for a long while.

Buddy, it happens on every track. The least on Top Gear track. Lemans pretty common, yes.

But definitely noticeable on any track you race, online or offline. Tested it on The Ring the other day, me and one AI car. Happened at least 6 or 7 times.

Seems to me like a lack of optimization or code refinement, something along those lines. I understand its a launch title, but the devs should at least address it with a patch or update.

Ok i might have overreacted on the fps, it might even have nothing to do with framerate. I’m no computer wiz. I have shared a replay in game, you might want to check it out, the flickering i mentioned is best seen in hood-view and magically dissapears when in cockpit-view. :).

Speaking of those lighting issues (picture going dark), i’m still having those occasionally but it has definitely improved over time, don’t know why? And it also only happens when in cockpit view.

Also when you are in cockpit-view and you can see your hood (only with a few cars), the reflection of the surrounding is always the same (don’t know how to explain this properly). You can always see the reflection of the grandstand from the nurburg GP track on your hood, even when you are on the single nordschleife track.

Yes, the flickering is there, though I’ll have to check for the reflections not showing up properly on the hood.

Are you getting intermittent and occasional frame stutters on every track?

Game has a few bugs it seems. Wish T10 would take some time out to patch all these issues.

So the reflection never moves? Something’s very wrong there. The graphics of the reflections off hoods are so good I sometimes get distracted while racing.

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