Wheel users after January update

Any wheel users feel the difference after the content update?

I use the thrustmaster tx wheel with normal steering. I felt it was much better in stability and catching slides and oversteer. So much so that I had to go back and retune my cars because they were too conservative before.

Want to hear from you guys to see if this is just psychological or not. =)

Well, if it is psychological, then we have the same issue.

I haven’t played f6 for about a month or more, and after starting again the last couple of days, it feels different.
I use it with simulation steering, you might want to try that.

I asked a stella stig (a youtuber who makes forza 6 video’s) about this, and he also noticed a change in ffb.

Weird that there wasn’t a mention of it in the update change-log.

· Addressed an issue related to angular velocity under specific conditions. This subtle change will be most noticeable for drifters and tuners who prefer to use a wheel.

Thrustmaster TX here as well and yes, the update improved car handling quite a bit for me.

Hmmmm.Feels exactly the same to me but hey if the placebo effect works run with it

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There’s no placebo effect, though you can believe it if you want.

The update is most noticeable when drifting due the large amount of angle and being able to stay in control when transitioning is now much smoother. The way you’ll see this when racing is if you over correct and try to correct yourself.

All degree of rotation will be noticeable though 900 will probably be the most.

OP, I have noticed a difference and I am very happy with that direction of a fix, though there’s still a loss of FFB when turning the wheel a certain amount when cornering which happens in both racing and drifting but this update has been a good first step :slight_smile:

I don’t think the ffb changed, but the ability to correct mistakes and regain control of cars is drastically easier than it was prior to the update.

The same lifeless feeling (wheel weight completely disappearing) still happens, though.

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Agree with this statement.

I seem to have finer control but the feel is about the same…

Much less likely to get into a tank slapper now, can prevent this from happening. Still need to test more.

G920, normal steering, no assists, manual with clutch unless the car has 7 or more forward gears.

Easier to catch slides? I agree.

I’ve noticed the deadzones on my pedals seem to be resetting every couple of days. Anyone else?

Thrustmaster TX, TH8A + T3PA

Feels the same to me.

What I feel that is changed is that cars are easier to keep on the track with my wheel, meaning that I don’t spin out in corners or during braking as much as before.

As far as wheel FFB goes nothing is changed there I think.

I’ve noticed the handling is slightly more forgiving too, not noticed any FFB changes

I also notice and like the change. The ability to catch and correct a spin with sim steering is much better. Its much easier to feel the edge of grip instead of it coming out of nowhere and instantly dropping off a cliff.


I like it…I’ve changed to sim steering and enjoying it immensely. Still needs more improvement.

Yup I now able to run sim steering. Loving the changes thanks t10 for making improvements

Wow I was skeptical about there being a difference after this update. What a difference though. Sim steering feels great with a wheel now. Very impressed with this update. Keep them coming Turn 10!

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Thanks for the reply guys. Perhaps I will give simulation steering a second chance now that some of you mentioned a big improvement.

Yes, what I meant was the improvement in control and catching slides. I did not feel any difference in the FFB itself.

On that topic, I find that the FFB changes based on the suspension tuning. For example, on the same car, if you tune the spring rates softer or stiffer, it changes the FFB feel for the car.
In general a stiff/springy force suggests that you have grip left at that given steering angle (meaning you can still put in more lock at that given speed). A very light/loose feel tells you that you have already reached or exceed the maximum grip.

I agree ffb is lacking and sim steering is not perfect. Hopefully they can impove it as much as they did the steering with this patch.