The 15' Corvette is a mediocre sports car and is an insult to motorsport and league racing

While I enjoy competitive racing just as much as the next person, most American cars don’t quite make the grade in terms of the sports car and super car realm. They put large amounts of horsepower into cars that can’t deal with it and portray the falsehood that they’re just as good as their foreign competitors. Also, I’m not your typical average American car hater, I live in America and would love to see an American car to be proud of but that reality has yet to become viable. The point being that the 15’ Corvette is hardly worthy of dedicated league racing and this past week has been a disappointment in ghost league racing.

What on earth are you on about?


If you’re a Corvette fanboy, don’t bother responding because the facts are against you. My comment was pretty clear in reference to “what I’m on about”. Read it again and if you still don’t get it, move on.

So its you ranting about one car in a game with 600 or so now? What is the honest point?

I’m not a corvette fanboy. I’m a Mazda fanboy if anything. I was just wondering why on earth are you using real life examples to talk about a car in a video game under the video games rules?

You make no sense and the whole thing of this thread right now is to create conflict and an argument.

I fully recommend the moderators to lock this thread.


What do you expect? Should chevrolet and ford copying ferraris? American sports and musclecars too beating european sportscars on the nordschleife. Did you drive a corvette in real…I don’t think so. Don’t think cars in real are the same like here in the game. You should look the trans am series.

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what car should they use next time?

I’m not a big fan of the Corvette. For my real world dollar I’m happier with a slower sports car like a Cayman. That said, the Corvette’s strength is value for performance. The car punches above it’s weight class and competes with cars that are significantly more expensive.

…also, I didn’t enjoy the league either. So I didn’t participate.

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Agreed, I just wish there was more variety and better judgement on the cars selected.

That reminds me of a car show I watched a few years back. They had three touring race car drivers that had to drive the Nissan GTR, Porsche 911 Turbo and the Corvette ZR1 around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The goal was to see how close they could get to their car manufacture posted lap time. The Porsche was the closest within 4 seconds, the Nissan GTR was within 7 seconds and the Corvette ZR1 was last by more than double at 19 seconds. It’s also worth noting that after two laps the Corvette stalled and couldn’t be started for several hours during the test. I hope that answers your question in reference to “posted track times” by Chevrolet. Also, I’ve owned a C5 and C6 Corvette and my older brother had a C4 and recently bought a C7. I’m well vetted in the attributes of the Corvette and I can say with absolute certainty that I will never buy a Corvette again. As far as copying Ferrari’s, I expect our American manufacturers to be creative enough to produce their own ideas instead of copying their competitors, just like everyone else around the world. Ford has racing heritage and or racing pedigree with the Ford GT40 of the past. The 2005 Ford GT suffered reliability problems that I believe plagued it and rendered it a mechanical headache. Ford is on the right track but has to work on reliability and quality craftsmanship especially if they expect people to pay over six figures for their super cars. I hope this answers your questions.

Thanks for your reply. I’m sure everything is right what you wrote. I never would buy a corvette in first for safety reason. But that’s fm. So i didnt have to think what a crash would do with my body. Nobody think in this game about fading brakes and so on. There 600 other cars in the game. If you don’t like the car selection don’t play that event.

What show was that? I’d like to watch it just for the content. I remember watching a show almost identical to that but it pitted the GTR vs a 991 Turbo S vs Camaro Z/28, not the Vette. I even remember that test having a problem getting a car from Nissan who finally delivered a GT-R that was a track edition and not the standard showroom version which is what they wanted for comparison times. There’s been a handful of these types of test the last few years one of which was sponsored by Porsche themselves because they were accusing Nissan of lying about the GT-Rs 'Ring times. Again, Nissan wouldn’t give them a car so Porsche went out and bought one. The results of that comparison were that Porsche’s test driver was ~25seconds off Nissan’s advertised time. Having said that these 'Ring tests are extremely inaccurate. I think it’s great that so many manufacturers use the 'Ring to help develop a car but outside from that I hate it for comparisons. There’s simply too many variables to take into account. Just that one scenario from the show you mentioned is a recipe for invalid data with having 3 cars driven by 3 different drivers trying to match the times of 3 other drivers on an extremely long track with likely different track conditions.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t get anymore out of his replies that this. All I see is someone who has a very unhealthy hate for a car and has watched entirely too much Top Gear which developed a very irrational hate for the Vette, much like Clarkson. He even argues like Clarkson with the "I’m right and you are just a , which was Corvette Fan Boy in this case.


Make your own game and you can choose what gets raced.


Are you confused about the term “simulation”?

I think you may be confused as nowhere does FM6 claim to be a “simulation” racing game. We get it you don’t like vettes, but guess what…The game was made for people other than yourself to enjoy driving cars around a track.

It’s 1 league for 1 week if you don’t like it don’t race in it, simple as that.


That’s it right there in a nutshell. FM6 is a SIMULATION RACING/Arcade GAME. When I drove the Corvette I didn’t like the engine sound so I didn’t bother tuning it beyond a certain point. The 911, GTR and Ford GT were more fun to tune and race. As for driving, I haven’t driven a Vette on the track, but C6 I have access to isn’t as agile as I thought it would be. It has tons of power, but it doesn’t feel lively in real life.

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The Dude abides.

So were you trying to make a “Dear T10, I don’t like this and that” post, or try to start an argument? Looking at the title put so eloquently, and then your first reply, where you basically say “I’m right and you’re a Corvette fanboy”, I’m going with the argument post.

I’ve lost count how many times this has to be said, but if you don’t like it, don’t use it or participate in it. It’s not a difficult concept, yet it seems to be one people struggle to grasp.


This thread is retarded. I am now more stupid for having read through it.


I wish I could see the world from your delusional minuscule stature, but back here in reality the customer is always correct and you’re just another Dribbly Midget with more time than sense.