My opinion: how to make the Speciality Dealer exciting.

Hello everybody,

I think the Speciality Dealer could be a good addition to Forza Motorsport 7 and I think we have seen some really good cars in there so far, but it feels boring and I don’t think anyone really cares about it, because it refreshes only once every week. It’s not exciting, but it can be. I think it’s possible through the sense or rush and urgency.

Instead of letting the game refresh the Speciality Dealer once a week, let it refresh once every hour or maybe even once every 15 minutes and lock a car when for example 1000 players around it world bought the car before you were able too. Of course players will miss a lot of cars, but this way there are also way more chances to get cars you want.

Let me know what you think. I hope Turn 10 sees this and will take over the idea.


No way this would catch on. It would result in a ton of rage. A week’s long window as it is now allows everyone a chance to earn the credits for the cars and buy one.



That is a horrible idea and would just add more fuel to the hate fire. Why would you want a car that is in the game exclusive to only 1000 people and on top of that add a time limit to it, completely alienating more players?


You’re missing the point. Yes, when the window is a full week, almost everybody has the time to get the cars from the Speciality Dealer they want, but when the window is only for example half an hour, there are way more cars you can collect. The Speciality Dealer feels blend as it is right now.

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And you’re missing mine. When the window is 15-30 minutes, or even an hour, almost nobody will have a chance to get the cars, especially if they don’t have the money on hand. It takes longer than that to earn credits.

It significantly cuts down on the cars people will be able to obtain by having that short of a window.


One of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve seen on here, and there have been some doozy’s


I have 15 minutes to get a car? I don’t have enough credits for it though. I know, I’ll do a 40 minute race… Oh bugger, now I’ve missed it, and the one after that too for that matter, and the one that’s in there now is even more expensive, guess I need to do another 40 minute race…

Personally, I think a week is plenty of time, although I haven’t actually managed to play the game since the dealer refreshed on Tuesday… Under your scheme I’d have missed over 48 cars so far, if it was every hour, or 192 if it was every 15 mins… and that’s with just one car in there at a time. Besides, the game devs are the ones that update the dealership, so that means that someone has to monitor it and change it manually every 15 mins, or an hour, 24/7.

Of course you could just make it random, which suggests adding more code to a gaming code that’s already got some major bugs in it, which will need to be running in the background while you’re doing everything else in game, sapping precious system resources, and being random, it’s more than likely the same cars will crop up again and again with that many cycles and a limited pool of cars to choose from. It’s also running server-side, so anyone playing offline (not everyone can play online all the time) would miss out too.

In theory, your idea probably seemed a good one, but the practical implications wouldn’t be worth the severe backlash. People would be missing out on cars all the time, especially when a car they specifically wanted actually went live when they were at work/in bed/doing something that doesn’t involve playing the game. Not to mention the distinct possibility that adding the necessary coding breaks the game even more. Nah, I think in this case, we shouldn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken


Well, never mind this idea, I guess. I’m immediately getting hate, as if I’m out here trying to ruin the game for everybody. I’m sorry, I thought of an idea to get lots of locked cars by avoiding loot crates, and trying to make it exciting in the process.

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I’m not hating on you, I was just pointing out a few flaws in the idea. Bearing in mind that the Forza community at the moment in general is very erm “upset?” making even more people angry isn’t going to be high on their list of things they should be doing, so your idea, while not completely unrealistic, would be too much of a risk for the devs to implement :0) It’s not a completely awful idea, it just needs a little refinement.


So far there have been no locked cars in all of the available prize crates to this point in time. With all of the feedback from all of social media, locked cars in crates may not go over too well.


I like hearing/reading people’s ideas about improvements and changes to this game, so don’t worry about how many opposing views respond to your thought. I for one am part of the crowd that doesn’t think any of the cars should be locked for any reason at all in the game so for that reason alone, I don’t like it. However, since it’s the way it is now, I would mind the cars in the Specialty Dealer being a complete surprise. Make them all cost the same, say 100k credits but you don’t know what they are.

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Well, you are ruining the game with that idea…

This is a Harsh Crowd my friend… I made a post where I misspelled a track and no one even responded to the post expect for like 8-10 responses making fun of me misspelling the track. Just ignore it… I do agree that the dealer could be better… but as many agree every hour would be way to often.

I would like to see them offer more than 3 a week… but that’s T10 and the deal is done!

I’d also like to see daily, weekly, and monthly challenges like Dirt did. Wouldn’t a 3/5/10 lap challenge be cool? Everything is always one lap!

Forzathon is ok… but more like a grind than a weekly fun challenge. if they actually updated the Rivals weekly that would be good… leaving the old ones. Should be a track day, autocross, etc at every track available.

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Perhaps throwing in an additional car with a specialty paint or build on Friday evening til Monday morning ever so often could liven up the specialty dealer.

Nothing here to be sorry about! You had an idea and threw it out there…I respect that! Your idea has some good and bad points. I can argue points in both areas here. Unfortunately there are more arguements bad than good but one never knows until it’s thrown out there.
I will be honest here when I read your idea I also at first thought it was a very good idea, however after reading several of the comments I have to agree with the majority that it’s not a viable option. That does not mean it’s not a good idea but rather one that also has some aspects that were not as positive as people wanted.
Never be afraid to throw an idea out there as that is what this forum is for…some ideas people love and some not so much but every idea has a right to be here😃

Don’t be discouraged from having and sharing ideas about the game.

This was a shot and a miss, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up.


No thanks, I only get 2 - 3 hours a week to play and that is on Sat or Sun. I can’t even afford to buy the cars every week as of now unless I want to just credit farm when I am on.

Not everyone has 24/7 to play video games.


I like the week thing. While credits are easy enough to earn, it’s still impossible at the moment to earn enough. I want to collect cars, doing an extra long race, I’ll be presented with 3-4 cars for level up rewards. When I was lower tier, that was fine, might be able to get all of them. As I tier up, I’m having to save them in my rewards cause 3-4 cars might take 2-3 million to buy with the 400k credit applied. I’ve got roughly 30 cars sitting in rewards waiting.

This week, the specialty dealer required about an evenings worth of racing to earn enough credits to buy the cars, all that credit earning put more cars in rewards bin which I’ll have to earn money for. I can sit and race forza 24/7, I’ve got a job, kids, house, life etc. Making them every half hour to 15 minutes would kill it.

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The main problem is: Your idea is a typical game-developers-business-boss idea in these days. Make the game more exciting, let the players log in more frequently, entertain them every 15 minutes by giving them a small goody nobody needs, but everybody wants, because it is rare. Show them, they cannot get everything - and then show the ultimate solution: microtransactions. No offense, but a manager would think: Show Caution Clock the Bugatti Veron, say him, he has 15 minutes or 793 others sales time to get the car, show him the lack of 200k ingame credits and show him the shortcut to the marketplace, where he can get 200k ingame for only 5 bucks - or just 3, if he buys ingame-credits for 100 $.

I thing, FM7 is new and exciting now, but wait a little bit and see, how the feeling about this game will shift soon enough. A good part of the players will leave the game in the next weeks, because the have to play WW2 or BF2 every day to keep up with all the others because both games are games-as-a-service aswell. Another part of players will ignore other games and play every day, paint, tune or race everyday. These players have a very fast progress and earn credits within the millions. If you give them every 15 minutes new cars, the have the complete collection after a week or two and the the spec dealer is totally boring for them. And then you have the third big group: Players who login once a week to do the forzathon and buy cars at the spec dealer. You can see by the achivment-percentages, that these players plus the group-2-players are fewer then 5% of all players purchasing this game. I would think, that most of them will have a point, when FM7 does not feel like a game anymore - like fun, its just work or a drug. It is friday, you have to login, you have to win a championship (three one-lap-races to spend fewer then 10 minutes), make 50 (!) jumps in a Ferrari over a special danger sign (driving in a small circle, doing this within 20 minutes), and the turning the xbox off after you have gained another Porsche 911… It is a typical procedure in FH3 and the moment will come sooner or later in FM7 aswell. Then it will be interessiting enough to see, that you need 200k more and have a week time to earn this money by driving in circles at Daytona. If a player think, he don’t have a chance to keep up (because he has offers every 15 minutes but only seconds to buy it), he will be frustrated and leave the game, because he feels left behind. These players will not buy DLC-Cars or Addons anymore. And these sales are very important: FM7 brings 700 cars for 70 € to you. 1 car = 10 cent. A DLC brings 7 cars to you, costing 7 €. You can calculate easily where T10 makes the money and what’s their main goal. They need weekly returning players, not players, who have two exciting weeks and then leave the game bored or frustrated. You need to see the carrot and you have to have the feeling, you can reach the carrot. An eaten carrot every 15 minutes will feed you up to fast, a missed carrot every 15 minutes will let you leave to search for another carrot-source.

The interesting part are the answers, which show, how many players like this approach. My idea would be: Give us a good racinggame, give us ingame economy like it was in FM4, where you had to gain credits by racing, painting, tuning or working like a salesman in auction house. Let us decide, when we want to buy which car - and this means every car. The limit are the credits, not the question, if I am at home at christmas and can buy car X or if I visit my family for a week and don’t have the chance to buy it. The people loved FM4 for its game mechanics and FM gained fans around the world. 6 years later FM7 has the same coregameplay, the only thing that changed were these games as a service approaches surrounding the races - and players are asking for refunds, fans are leaving. Hopefully T10 reads this thread, your idea and the answers to it …


Maybe special paint schemes or designs might make it more interesting

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