Microsoft Store Ultimate Edition Pricing

So the Microsoft store has the ultimate edition priced at $79.99

Everywhere else has it priced at $99.99 including on the Xbox and the Xbox store.

So I called up Microsoft store support and they assured me it is exactly the same and it will include everything including play anywhere access.

No idea why it is so much cheaper on the Microsoft store but figured I would let people here know.

I noticed this and was wondering the same thing because I Pre-ordered it there to get the GT350-R (this was before I knew that the pre-order cars were just tuned and not the car itself) But I’m wondering if its worth it to save the $20 and get it there or get the digital version which is more convenient and is also a “play anywhere” game.

I will Pre-order mine from Xbox App on Windows 10 Since its Digital It won’t matter where I buy it from It has the correct pricing for me Check it out on your Xbox store to see if prices are same

Thanks but we are talking about US currency for some reason at the Microsoft Store it is $79.99 and every where else it is $99.99

It looks like a physical disc in MS Store

It says £79.99 for me, but I won’t pre order it to a week before, as if I order it now, money will go out straight away, might as well earn the little intrest in my bank than theres.

After speaking with multiple phone representatives and someone on Microsoft chat I have verified that the $79 version on the Microsoft store is the physical disc only for the Xbox and does not support play anywhere. If you want play anywhere you have to order the digital version for $99.


At Amazon, it’s $79.99 as well if you’re a Prime member.

I was wanting to stay digital and have it predownloaded and ready to go on the 23rd, but that $20 savings is awfully tempting…

so what happened to getting people to go digital, i jump on board and throwing money into the account for the ultimate digital and now it’s 20 dollars less for the disk. PLUS a 10 dollar gift card… UGH

first I’ve heard of that and not very pleased…

They’re doing it to compete with stores like Best Buy & Amazon who have been doing promotions and deals where you can get new games for $20 less. The Best Buy one requires a yearly fee, but Amazon is just there for everyone. They’re discounts on physical discs only as well. So this pricing is probably separate from the whole play anywhere stuff. Just business.

To get the 20% discount at Amazon, you need an Amazon Prime membership.

damn it, I jumped the gun… oh well

Ok. 1st I wanna say for some reason i singed into my account and it gave me this elvishsatyr one. thats why i have no forza stats. Add my reall account 2 play with me: superkollin7. Anyway: its cheaper on microsoft store because: 1: its a disc. 2: its not play anywhere.

Now I’m conflicted.

I like the ease of using digital, and I like early access, but I’m not sure those are worth $20…

If you buy it digitally you can play it on both an xbone and a windows 10 pc…same account…no extra purchase necessary

Digital for me…more expensive or not

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On alot of games yes they far to dear than disc version, there is only forza I buy on digital, for me to buy all games from store they have to be cheaper than disc, otherwise might as well carry on buying disc and save my money that I can put towards another game.

Will it arrive on release day?

I spoke with a Microsoft store representative and they said its guaranteed release day delivery. I used a student discount and they give you a $10 gift card, so I basically got a $100 game for $75 (with tax) and if you count the $10 card it comes out to the normal edition price $65. I’m pretty sure all the ultimate edition physicals include the steel book case. I highly recommend it lol.

I’m waiting a little while on this until more info comes. Maybe this one doesn’t have a steelbook? If I can save $20 and get a gift card with it, I can wait a few more days to play.

US and Canada has a steelbook version, I know Gamestop has it ) I ordered the physical ultimate edition which is the version that has it) and here in Canada its $129.99 In not sure what the price is in USA…