Leaderboards still not cleared?

I was just wondering if any1 could shed some light on what time the wipe is supposed to be happening, I thought it was gonna be done with the patch. Thanks

According to patch notes it was meant to be done by tuesday afternoon.

With that said, and gone, who knows.

Is it just for me, Leaderboard is still not cleared from glitched cars/times…

what cars/times, tracks, and class are you talking about? I wasnt aware of any glitch cars

E,D,B thats the classes i know

And C with the possibility of A.

The wipe will occur soon when T10 has the process lined up and ready to go. I doubt it will be a quick wipe since only cars that had a drivetrain swap will be cleared.

I noticed this also and I thought it was mentioned the wipe of the glitch cars times from the leaderboards was supposed to occur yesterday afternoon sometime but that obviously hasn’t taken place. Hopefully it’s just delayed for whatever reason. The good note though is racing in C class yesterday there was still alot of RX3’s but unlike before they person driving it had to be very skilled to win the race because even non-glitched it’s still a very fast car.


I find it interesting they are able to determine what drivetrains a car was using to set a leaderboard time.

Could this same method be used to sort he boards by car used?

Do you mean sorting by that particular car? Like to be able to determine who has the fastest lap(s) of a particular car? That is a good idea! Then you could be competitive with cars you like even if they don’t reach the tops of the leaderboard.

It’s a feature mny have wanted for a long time, but just wondering if they are able to view the drivetrains of the car, then surely they can determine car model. Then filter it?

The way I read their announcement I took it that any car in any class with a drivetrain swap will be wiped. So it may take a bit longer than was expected?

in past editions couldn’t you even download a tune if shared after watching a replay and i defiantly remember worm saying he could steal a tune from telemetry. thay have to save the data from a replay and not just video or you could switch the view to another car, replays would be single view only. and i wouldn’t be against a full wipe. the legit people can quickly post new fast times and it would make other anomalies that aren’t noticed yet easier to notice. right now we might be distracted from a 1 second glitch because a 10 second glitch makes 1 second seem normal. and leaderboards are just spreadsheets. sorting by car should be one of the easiest things to sort by because you can change to paint and class of a car, but you cant change its make, brand or year.

Its annoying that there has been no1 from turn 10 to tell us whats going on. We like to be kept informed, if you tell us you are gonna do something and you dont do it, let us know why

They said it would happen next tuesday

In the post it says “we expect the wipe to happen around tuesday afternoon (10/6)”

If its possible to see what times were done by a car with a drivetrain swap,it would be great to make sure we can see the swap when we’re gonna download a setup.

Any idea if they also plan to remove the times posted while using a mod.
There are at least 3 times posted on Daytona Ovals in X Class Indy car which are using a HP boost mod.
Last I looked it was the #1 and #3 times on Daytona daytime and the #1 time on Daytona nighttime.
All three cars are showing more than the max 641 HP on the replay and are getting higher speeds than the Indy car will reach on that track.

I have no idea how many other cases there may be but if there are a few at the top of Daytona then they are probably scattered across the leaderboards and likely in multiple cars and classes also.

Hopefully the guys at T10 have a way to remove or flag these times as dirty along with all the glitched cars but if not then I think a full leaderboard wipe may be in order.
If the full wipe would be required to clean those up then it should be done ASAP

I agree

I just noticed that a new #1 time has been posted on the Indy Oval which is also using a HP boost mod.
Edit: It was posted before the patch though

All Cars are slower since the Patch (class e,d tested) and its impossible to Drive the same times like before the patch. Whatever which car you use. Hopefully they wipe all times