Festival Playlist Reward Indicator

I currently have a showing on my “Festival Playlist” tab, that is normally displayed when reaching a 50% or 80% achievement, but there’s nothing to collect.

This has been there since the first week of update 12 (maybe even update 11 actually)

Any ideas how to get rid of it??

Mine is the same. I think it was when an item of clothing was offered instead of a car for the 50 or 80%. I already had the clothing and have had the 1 showing since

I’ve had that for a while now. Support recommended re-installing the game. It doesn’t bother me that much.

It’s just slightly annoying but not enough o re-install. just live with I guess. Cheers!

Just had a quick look through eh FH4 Wiki For “Update 11” and there was:

  • "Alien Morph Suit" for 50% completion of the Summer Season.
  • "I Beat The Stig Tee" for 80% completion of Series 11

Any of those the culprit?

Far from resolving the issue with the Festival Playlist - which is noted in the “Known Issues” - Some players will see a “1” notification on the Festival Playlist from Series 11 - it has now been compounded with yet another clothing item being awarded for 50% completion of the Summer Season.

Now I have a “2” notification on the playlist which cannot be removed.

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Ever since they had the Morph suit as a reward on the Festival Playlist I have had a 1 in a green circle showing as a reward to collect. I already owned this suit & you can’t have the same item of clothing twice.
Now I have a 2 in the green circle as I already owed the Pumpkin mask.

Always looks like I have 2 rewards to collect!! Are they ever going to fix this? OCD nightmare!!

Same for me.
This is a very annoying bug since Series 11.
Please devs, fix this bug

Yea same here, much more annoying than the previous percentage problem.


Possibly linked to winning the 50% Completion pumpkin head if you already had it?

But yes it’s a bit annoying…

Just realised there is a Skeleton suit next week for 80% so if like me you already have it you can expect unclaimed prize number to go to 3

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So I just finished Summer at 76% (the reward was the Pumpkin Hat) but whenever i pause, i always see 1 where the Festival Playlist, but everytime I press A on the Festival Playlist instead of it showing my reward and having it claimed, it just takes me to the menu of showing which event there are.

nvm, its there because i already have it! (the Pumpkin Hat)

Have the same issue, I had a one on my festval playlist since weeks and now I have a two on my festival playlist,
even when I dress the avatar up with the clothes, the number on the festival playlist don’t disappear…
I think I will do a ticket about this issue…

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For the third time in a row where a clothing item was unlocked at 50% weekly progress, it has broken the Festival Playlist tile in the pause menu. There is now a number 3 stuck in place on that tile as if there were 3 items waiting to unlock and give me the bonus, but the bonus never comes. I haven’t received the weekly 100% Complete bonus for at least 3 months. I can’t be the only one with this problem, is there something I can do on my end to fix it?

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Im up to 3 and next week will become 4
oh and there’s no 100% bonus , hasn’t been for months
the 80% reward was the original 100% reward too
that big 5k was just a token gesture anyway

SuMbiT a TicKeT If you really are that concerned about it

Yep, mine is showing 2 uncollected items (from the halloween pumpkin mask, and this week’s green suit).

I already had those items so now the game thinks I haven’t collected them (because it physically will not let me), because for whatever reason it won’t go through if you already have those cosmetic items.

And it’s only the cosmetics that cause this, since the game doesn’t care if you already have the reward cars and gives them to you anyway.


Exactly the problem…

I see I am not the only one seeing this, hope it gets fixed

So for 3 season change I have the number 1 in my playlist but I don’t see what it’s for. Any help would be appreciated thanks