Fastest car in FH3?

my guess is the Koenigsegg Regera

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249mph… That thing should be near 270.

I do 265 in my FRS.

wuaaat u sure that you use mph? Bcs you would need a sick tune to get over 260 mph in a FRS

I built my brz and it can hit 262

I hit 274 mph in my 2002 Chevrolet Corvette Z06.

My Regera hits 272 mph, that’s the fastest I’ve gone so far.

The One:1 is ballistic overall because it is much lighter than the Regera. But the Regera should be a bit faster certainly in acceleration

My VL does 275

If you can put the 1500hp v12 in the alpha stradale it will be the fastest car again lol. Too bad I don’t have 10 million to test it out.

it’s all about the dodge dart 19.2 on the mile (tune in storefront) from what i herd the alpha 33 cant have the v12 anymore

What’s with the one gear?

The Regera has 1 gear in real life. It uses a fixed gear with a hydraulic coupling connecting the crankshaft and the output shaft that allows slip.

It’s very unusual, I keep trying to change gear when driving it! Extremely fast though, I wrapped mine around a few trees already.

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Who needs gears anyway when you have 1600lb/ft of torque? lol

A Veyron Supersport only has a puny 1100lb/ft. Weak!

It has as much torque as one of these:

John Deere

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Reliant Regal with the 6.2l V8 I imagine.

bugatti eb110 284 mph

my fastest speed shows as 294mph but I don’t know how to see what car I did that in.

A tuned Jaguar D-type from 1953 (?) does 300 mph/482 km/h so I guess there is nothing faster ingame.

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thats the pre order ultimate edition car right?

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Jaguar d type can hit 299. Personally I’ve hit about 282 in my 458s drafting behind one on the the freeway but had no chance of keeping up with it.