Choosing cars between races...

Ugh. This is BRUTAL.

Choosing a car between races in a multiplayer lobby is an excersize in frustration. Between the menus freezes, the black screens, the impossibly long load times you literally have 10 seconds to find the car and maybe change the tune.

I played a Forza 6 recently and what a major difference.

The multiplayer experience is just plain painful - between the unskilled payers, the dropped sound and the “knife in the back” sluggishness of the menus it’s truly a stress inducing experience to venture into multi-player.

Somewhere some nameless software developer is responsible for the path Forza is on: look good, tout the 4K and the frame rate and dump it on the public.


…and another thing. I get brutalized y rammer(s) in several races. I don’t fight back, I race on and even get the rammer to “swing and miss” me a few times.

I save the replay to submit to a Race Marshall but when I go to view it the guy ramming me doesn’t even show up in the video. My car still goes flying when he missiles into me, but his car or gamer tag don’t show up.

What good is that?


Some rammers unfortunately know that when they back out before the race is over, their car and gamertag don’t show up in replays.

I have never experienced the issues with selecting a car, changing tune, running out of time. But I’m on Xbox. Perhaps a PC issue or network connection(internet)?

Crashing is another story.

No, it’s an XBox - but not the new XBox S(?).

It’s painful even trying. If you cut it too close you miss the race entirely. The 3D menus are not needed, and hinder the game’s performance - and really eat away at my patience.

One X or a regular/S?

One S compared to PC is like day and night in my case. When selecting cars on One S I feel a sudden urge to scream out of frustration. On PC it is fairly smooth (although people with 8GB of RAM have issues - so 8+GB of RAM is a must). One update messed up things a little bit, but fortunately it was a temporary issue.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’m gonna test it since I own an Xbox One X.

The One X has max 9GB of GDDR5 RAM for games, though. One S is DDR3 plus ESRAM and even less.

Same thing here. As long as I press the ‘A’ button to move to the next screen as soon as I can, I’ve never had any issues with not enough time to select a new car or changing tunes. Doing both might be pushing it, but I normally race without tunes so I’ve never tried doing both.

P.S. I’m on the original Xbox One.

The 3D menus were a case of biting more than they could chew. What causes the slowdowns is not the lack of processing power, but the poor cloud support. It is communication between the local machine and Microsoft’s cloud servers that is the issue, and for some reason the connection is really slow and laggy, resulting in many hiccups when cycling through cars.

In Leagues, after loading an event, I sometimes get a black screen and I don’t get that cutscene of the camera focusing on my car on the grid. When the game comes back, the race has already begun and I must play catch up to the leaders.

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I can also confirm this. I’m on an original Xbox one and the garage menu is so laggy that after all said and done I literally only have 5-10 seconds to select a different car. Most cases I actually have to back out of multiplayer to select a new car, it’s pretty absurd. A quick way they could fix this is have 1:45-2:00 minute intermissions like in league races.

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Why they can’t just save this data locally to begin with instead of what appears to be a cloud download of the replay is beyond me.

That’s okay, the One X only gives you 15-20 seconds. Used to be 40 seconds in April.

Does nobody read previous posts?

My question was directed at CRracer 912, who never had issues the OP was describing.
Your quoted text doesn’t give an answer to my question.

Just because you name is in my quote doesn’t mean it was directed at you. I stated that my experiences were marginally better than the One S while in the One X. That’s all.

Now there are 3 meaningless posts in this thread :innocent:

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Agrees totally.

They have tried making the menus run smoother by only allowing you to choose a car when the tracks loaded, this gives you about 43 seconds to scroll the Laggy menus and load a tune. Previously if u tried selecting a car before the track was loaded the menus would be even worse. Poor excuse of a fix really. Compared to fm6 the only improvement is the time it takes to load a tune even tho u can’t actually see the tune specs because they don’t load correctly in the menu it just says all tunes are e class

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Yeah this is an absolute joke at this point. Try being driver level 40 with this stupid lag-fest…

T10 really needs to sort it’s s*** out

I do it at driver level 500+ with car collector level 44+

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I don’t know how you guys survive. I feel like my game struggles to go through the different menus nevermind loading cars, tracks and screens at the same time.

I’d much rather loading screens to be honest.