[ANSWERED] Forza Hub not updating my stats

Forza Hub does not update my stats, I’m still at Tier 3 eventhough I should be way higher up than that, considering I’m currently at Rank 150 in Horizon 4.


It isn’t updating mine or my friends’ either. And it has been broke in some manner since FM7 launched. They don’t seem to care.

At least you have some stats, the forza hub doesn’t even show I am playing FH4. My last entree in the hub is for FH3. Looking at the rewards list I suspect it only rewards ultimate edition owners, I own the standard edition.


same for me

it says ive only got 80 cars when ive got 120+
no masteries even though ive got loads
only 2 storys complete even though ive done 20 individual stories for stuntman and laracer combined

and its been far longer than the 48hr update time


same as well across all of mine I have been waiting it has been a consistent issue like someone said with fm7 I never once got tier 12 rewards I got shafted for over a month.

Servers down now anyway, maybe it will fix issues.

Not let us know it is down though, and no idea how long for.

2 months later still not fixed

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same here, level 174, 100cars, unlocked goliath and various larger events, still tier one, and only points were given is a random gamerscore 150points

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Having this same issue since I started FH4, only the Gamerscore increases my tier score (which is EXTREMELY slowly unless achievement hunting). Point system works fine on FH3 and prior Forza games that I own but FH4 just doesn’t like it which is a shame since im so close to my next tier and ive got to grind achievements for a simple 60 points I could’ve had a week ago… Cmon :confused:

It works sometimes quickly and other times takes weeks to move. For weeks I was stuck on Tier 12 and just last week it made me 13 finally. It will update for you eventually like it did for me I’m sure. The achievements for Fortune Island seemed to make it move last week. I got a lot of them and had more than enough points for 13 at that point.

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I just don’t get updated :confused: I get the rewards, that’s cool, but no tier upgrades

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Mine isn’t updating as well.

I’ve been running everyday for the 50 days played for Forza Horizon 4 and did the same with Forza Horizon 1 and 2. None has updated in over a month.

Not updating here either…

Forza Horizon 4 just doesn’t update or even show I’m playing the game… currently been 2 weeks

forza horizon 4 stats stopped counting at 3 days and none of the stats for it on the hub have changed since and its been at least a month if not a little longer and i see so many others saying their hubs aren’t updating is there any official response as to why this is going on or if or when they will be fixing it. i have been trying to hit tier 8 and each week i get the rewards for tier 7 but still the progress on the hub doesn’t go up.

I’ve been having the same issue. For weeks now the Forza Hub has not updated my stats for Car Mastery or number of days played. Is there something we need to do to fix? Or do we just need to be patient? Please help end the frustration :frowning:

I’m exactly the same. Everything else is maxxed out but I’m stuck at 44 days and 8 car masteries. I’ve definitely done all the 50 days and I’m probably at 30 masteries.

Got an email from support, they are aware and working on it.

Any info on the reward money we’ve been missing out on? I should have been at least a tier higher more than a month ago, so is that lost money because their servers are having issues?

They didn’t say anything, but then i didn’t ask.

Nice to hear that they are aware of the issue and working on it. In my case the only stat that does not update is “Days Played”. It has been stuck in 37/50 since mid November.