Youtube Copywrite! Huh?

Forza & Microsoft Support,

I recently posted a video of my Forza 6 game play on YouTube. Shortly after my video was was tagged as having a copy write claim from a company called “AdRev Publishing” for “Plutonia-757 Music composition” that plays during game play. Do you have any affiliation with them? Do they own the rights to this song? I understand that I do not own the rights to the song but do users not have permission to post our videos of Forza game play on YouTube? You have a Twitch logo at the bottom of this page so I take it that is okay. I don’t currently make money off of my videos but I do choose to leave the monetization option on as I am trying to build an audience to make money in the future. I have taken the video down but disputed the claim. Can’t give in just cause they say so.

Bottom line is do I have permission to stream and post game play video of Forza 6 with all the songs that are in the game?

Thank you,
Xbox: Jashun76
Youtube: aka Jay

You need to contact YouTube, they administer the videos/copyrights/content.