"You're too early", no early access?

So I pre-loaded the game on my PC and on the Xbox One (Play Anywhere). I received my Ultimate Edition disc copy yesterday. I put it all the codes and everything is download and installed on Xbox and PC. I hit launch on the Xbox One and it keeps saying “You’re too early”.

So I delete the pre-load install from Xbox One, and install from the disc. With the disc in, now the game launches, ooooooooooooooo k. Isn’t the install data from the disc and from the network the same exact data? If I own play anywhere, why am I not able to launch on the Xbox nor PC?

When I check “ultimate edition” on the PC store, under “includes” it shows the standard base game and the DLCs, all installed. Sooooo what am I missing here? Why isn’t early access working for me for play anywhere?

hmm is the play anywhere edition you bought “ultimate”…that might be the key

if not that’s why your physical edition plays but not the digital

not sure why you bought the physical as well

I have inputed the code for dlc all is inatalled besides the car pass says i own it but its not ther to install is it not ready yet or something to install

Your digital Play Anywhere edition will unlock in two days. Your physical Ultimate Edition does not allow you to play on PC, Play Anywhere only works with digital versions.

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Why did you buy both? You just needed the play anywhere ultimate edition.

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