Xbox controller disconnecting (pc)

Well yet another issue today!
Game was fine last night, all except for the loop when you leave the menu and start driving, i know this is an on going glitch…today i leave the menus, no loop as i start to drive! but…now i keep getting the message my controller has disconnected.
It works fine in the menus, everything works as it should, but soon as i leave to drive…controller disconnection message pops up, it’s a genuine Microsoft wired controller, used on pc, every other game it works fine.
Any ideas?
As a side note, i’ve not been able to access the auction house, blue prints or share code ect, but now all that is working!

Also experienced the loop disappearing at a recent launch of the game and then back a few mn later.

Also got ‘joining session’ message with no way to go back to menu, this just after a few mn away from the controller. It is just like if the automatic disconnection for “no activity” had caused the game to break.

Changes of behavior lead me to think they are trying some fixes from servers side with unexpected consequences. The alternative is that the game is going more and more unstable which is not so much better.