Wrong finishing position after race

A lot of the time when its a close finish between a number of cars I seem to get the wrong finish position in the after race leader board (playing online adventure).
For example I finished 1st in a race about 3-5 car lengths ahead of another car, but the leader board says I was second.
And in a ranked match today I finished 3rd and the leader board dropped me down to 5th.

My connection seems good with good ping (I live in the UK) - with no lagging of other cars or ghosting.

Whats causing this? I seem to get a 0.3-3 second penalty added onto my finish time (which is frustrating in ranked matches)

Edit: I’m running the pc version

Probably a desync between you and opponent. Others who report and share same problem I have noticed it to be the same driver. Without knowing where the server runs the race, you both communicate to server and then it goes back to you. So to the server, that person is ahead, but the delay in it getting to you from them puts them just behind you.

Theory only. No real way to validate unless we can get videos from both players. Am betting that those guys who win from behind appear to sleep on the line at start.

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Here’s a full video of it happening, race start to race end - recorded Sunday 12/2 - netcode full3 - YouTube

FYI There are threads open on this topic:
https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst139054_Issues-with-Horizon-4-s-bad-netcode-and-or-low-tick-rate-servers.aspx - This one I have noted that the person I beat actually saw me beat them too, but the race gave them the position.

I also have an open ticket on the subject, and it looks like RetroKrystal got to it today :smiley:

I suspect its related to cross-play… just my hunch at the moment.

I have seen in co-op races where an ai will literally turn off the track and drive in a straight line to the finish line and complete the race skipping 50, 60 or in one case over 90% of the race. You never see it cause the marked course sends you in the opposite direction and the ai car has long since despawned by the time you get to the end.

I too have this issue for like a week or two.

The weird thing is I finish 1st on my screen and ALSO on the screen of the other player behind me. I keep confirming this with my teammates and other random players by just asking them via sending a message. On both of our screens I’m clearly finishing 1st by a fair distance between us but the game always decides to rip my points.

This is so rigged. What can be the explanation for this? My upload speed? My latency? If that would be the case I would only be finishing 1st on my screen. Not also the other people’s…