Most all cars in the game have the option to engine swap a V12. I have lost interest in making drag cars because of the V12 engine swap. I like the sound of most cars with the stock motor in it but that means you have a little chance that you will win against a car with a V12 in it. It just annoys me.


Why another thread about the engine swaps. because lol. Honestly cause its Australia. They are known for high horsepower cars with big engines. They wont change the game for one person not liking the engine swaps.

It’s true about “high horsepower cars with big engines”, rarely it will be a V10 or a V12, but its mainly BIG V8s. Most Australians that I’ve met they LOVE V8s more than anything. In Australia, there’s a thing for having BIG V8s, like 500-700 Cubic Inch BIG.


Yeah the engine swaps are annoying.
i mean ok it´s fun in freeride to build something crazy, but for the drag events or racing overall it´s kinda lame.

and the early start for lower classes really doesn´t make it better (Darts approaching at 400 km/h :D).

rant on
they have such a great base game, so much potential.
Player made lobbys, ppi restrictions, allow special tunes (i.e. AWD or engine swap) and so on.
i really dunno why most devs just don´t get it these days to make online racing fun again :smiley:
i just say MotorCity Online… STILL the best overall MMO racing game ever if you look at lobby mechanics, turf wars, tuning and and and…


Motor City Online was great. I LOVED that game, I wish they hadn’t canceled it.

If they could at least make the V12 sound more convincing in trucks and other big vehicles. It isn’t going to sound like a refined Ferrari if done for real. It’s going to be as loud and as Earth-shaking as the staccato from a big-block V8.

This is not true, a Ferrari V12 will sound like a Ferrari V12 no matter what you put it in. Especially considering that you are installing everything in Horizon, even the exhaust. The engine makes the noise. The only thing the car can do to that noise is muffle it through thicker steel panels or through longer exhaust tubing to exit at the rear of the car.

But a 572 crate motor or a top fuel race Hemi would definitely sound like angry, thirsty V8s. And would make for some interesting builds in forza.

I didn't say it would sound the same as a V8. I only said it would be as loud and as Earth-shaking.

To be fair, that is a totally different kind of v12…

Fine. Let’s put that argument to rest, then.

Lol what?? You can CLEARLY see that’s a V8 engine :joy: I can’t believe you believed that Title…

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Oh Horsey Sauce!!! Lol. That is a V8.
This is what a Lambo V12 looks like:

Yea in this game you can put a V12 in pretty much anything. Still prefer FH1’s way and always will, that was alot better executed

We need a big block V8 as an alternative instead of just having the V12 as the strongest engine. The way the game is set up with the engine swaps makes me think the devs want you to choose this engine and want you to choose an AWD drivetrain ‘for the lulz’ cause it’s Horizon. They are forgetting that there are still hardcore car guys who cringe at the noise of these engines in ole’ badass door slammers that deserve a real engine instead of a screaming V12.

The devs need to look at engines from this perspective. There are 3 main car ‘cultures’ in the world. Euro, JDM and Muscle/Domestics.

We have the 2J/RB26 for the JDM cars. The 2J being the strongest engine at 1000hp~ and the RB being mid 700s I think?

We have the V12 and the BMW engine for the Euro side of things. The V12 being the strongest at 1500hp~ and the BMW engine is high 900hp

We have the V8 and the V10 for Muscles/Domestics. The V8 at 1000hp~ and the V10 is around 11-1200hp~

Here’s where we start having problems. Put 3 of these cars next to each other, for Forza’s sake they are all AWD and have the same gearing, suspension tune ect. The outcome points to one engine, right? This is why we need more balance across the strongest engines in the game. In FH2 we had the 1500hp 2J, why can’t we have it again? Why can’t we have a 632 big block V8 that would have 1500hp with boost?

I’m tired of hearing ‘its horizon i do what i want lol’ because at the end of the day it’s still a driving game with REAL cars, this aint GTA!

632 Big Block for the win!! I would at least like to have more manufacturers engine choices. Dodge for example should have the 340, 383, 426 Hemi, 440 6pak, 572 Hemi, I think it’s a 572, whatever. GM should have the 327, 350, 400, 409, 427, 454, 502, 572 and Ford the 327, 351, 427, 428 AND the 429. Not sure what the bigger race engines are. I’m alright with the V10 and V12 swaps, sort of, but I really don’t like the sound they make, but I’m not a giant fan of how all of the engines sound in Forza. Not many have any soul to them. Just generic sounding, like when leaving a festival. Horrible sounding, bouncing off the limiter like that.

I just want to see some creativity from the Devs when it comes to these things. It’s getting on 11 yrs of Forza games and for the most part, it’s the exact upgrades, rims and body mods. I am ecstatic that there are blowers out of the hoods in FH3 and even the wide body kits. Long over due!!


So it’s a hoax? Damn. Doesn’t change my point, though. If you stick a V12 in a big offroad truck, it isn’t going to be piped out the same as a little sports car. It’s going to be deep, loud and raspy, not a wimpy harmonious thing, like what we have now. The Ranger was the biggest letdown. It sounds like a monster with the V8, and like a sedate crossover with the V12. There’s the horsey sauce for you.

If I find something else, I’ll post it. Not going to keep pressing this, though. It’s really kind of obvious even without examples.

These arnt trucks but they are V10 to V12 engine swaps in cars and to me they sound pretty close to the cars they originally came from and ryan tuercks Ferrari gt86


This isn’t a v12 or v10 but its a Nissan patrol with a RB25 in it and I don’t know about you but to me and everyone else it still sounds like a Skyline.

And a mix of random crazy engine swaps

1944 Mack Fire Truck powered by viper V10 still sounds like a viper v10

Just run them with open headers, then they’d sound the same.

It’s not the chassis of the car or the bagdes on it that makes the sound. It’s the firing order and size and amount of cylinders. Then it’s the piping. If you take an engine out of one car and put it into another one there is no reason why the sound of the enigne wouldn’t remain the same. But if piping does change like for example from a midship layout to a front mounted layout where the exhaust is now considerably longer there will be some change.