When will Nurburgring be back in public lobbies?

Im so tired of the same variety of race to choose from it make no sense. For forza gt and other lobbies it would make sense to just open the races you can vote for to every track in the game. Never have I gotten a full circuit at Catalunya. Never have I gotten Nürburgring Nordschleife. Never laguna seca? WHY ARE YOU EXCLUDING TRACK! This needs to change at this point in the game after several years of this game being out. I don’t remember ever having this issue before.

I agree, but unfortunately they have decided that our attention spans are too short to stay focused through longer tracks or any race that extends beyond 5 minutes. We are far too dull.

They have decided, the vast majority of the community did.

Back in Forza Motorsport 6, no one would ever vote for the track whenever the Nordschliefe or the Nordschliefe and Grand Prix would be an option. When it was selected on rare occasion or selected randomly, half the lobby would leave.

I’d like to see the layout be more frequent in endurance races but in hoppers, I understand why they removed it.

Still doesn’t make sense, If there is a vote feature then every track should be available for every class period. Hence the purpose of a vote regardless of previous data. Developers shouldn’t be making these decisions for us on what we should like per class. Every hopper has a different group of players and all those players should be at least given the opportunity to races all the tracks provided in the game. If the majority rules then we get to race.

Is it honestly too painful to take a 7 minute break or to find a new lobby if you don’t like the track that was selected? they don’t force you to race. you have the option to specatate. I use spectate option often when VIR and Top Gear show up, so as you can imagine I spend a lot of time in spectate or finding a new room. I’m still living.

I don’t like that it was removed either but the developers did it based on player data. Nurburgring would come up as a random option, half the lobby would leave. It sucks but a lot of people either don’t like the track or don’t like how long the race is and I understand why.

This is the system I think Turn 10 should use to select tracks for open class hoppers:

  1. Certain tracks are always removed from online hoppers. For example, ‘Top Gear Full Circuit’ (because it’s a figure of eight track).

  2. There are 4 options for voting. 3 different environments options and a ‘Random’ option. For example:

‘Circuit De Spa Francorchamps - Night’
‘Circuit De Catalunya Short - Day’
‘Road America Alternate - Day’

  1. Every environment has an equal chance of being selected.

  2. Once an environment is selected, every layout within the environment selected has an equal chance of being chosen

  3. Once the layout is chosen, every weather option available has an equal chance of being selected.

  4. Once the weather option is selected the advanced weather options should all have an equal chance of being chosen. For example, heavy rain should have as equal chance a chance as light rain.

  5. Rince and repeat for the other 2 voting options.

  6. If the lobby selects ‘Random’ everything is truly randomised (apart from the always removed tracks like ‘Top Gear Full’.

Nah as long as the graphics look good who cares about gameplay?? [Sarcasm]

I see these tracks all the time. You must be unlucky :confused:

I races on Nordschleife in FRR lobby last week, so it is there once in a while