When is the last date i can start Forza 7 UE without missing unicorns


I have recently bought a preused X360 and Forza 2-4 to work for Tier 11.

When will Things like Forzathons, Rivals, free onetime Unicorns etc start?

I have to weight up not starting F7 to reach Tier 11 against starting it to not miss unique Content.

Thanks for the Advice.


I’m currently at 16.500 Points including the free Points for DLC and Tokens.

Thank you.

We have no clue to be honest, although I would imagine that auction house and forzathon would start the week after the xbox one x gets released

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FWIW I think the tier rewards for Forza 7 will be determined on your Tier on the game’s release day won’t they? So if you are Tier 10 on release day, but get to Tier 11 later and then start F7, you’ll still only get the Tier 10 reward. Correct me if I’m wrong.

No not on release day but from the first time you Play Forza 7 as long a you do not start Forza 7 you can keep on building you Tier Points till you are at the level you want befor Starting Forza 7 for the first time

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I’m sure it goes by whatever tier you’re at when you actually launch the game for the first time.


Ah okay good he’ll be alright then.

All you miss at level 11 is 1 suit and 1 badge,not missing much!!!

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All this trouble just for the 10th driver suite?