Wheels with colored lips

Does anyone know how to give wheels colored lips, any wheels beside the rotiform NUE? I’ve seen wheels that aren’t rotiform NUES with tire lips, can anyone help?

Assuming you are asking about the rubber part of the wheels then you might be referring to the Horizon Edition tires (which has the word “HORIZON” on the outer wall of the rubber tire) or the Hot Wheels tire compound which has a red lip on them.

If my assuption is correct then, the only way to get the Hot Wheels tires is to buy the Hot Wheels expansion, and as far as i know, they only come with the red trim on them, and you can’t change their colour.

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Unfortunately this is something you cannot do in paint. You could, however, make the suggestion for this in the features wishlist.

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Thanks guys for telling me!

There are two ways of doing this. The first only works with one wheel style and the second only works with cars that have OEM wheels that match their body paint such as the Forzathon Mercedes or the 911 GT3 RS 4.0.

Below is a video that tells you how to do it. Sorry about the annoying youtube video, it was the one with the most views.

Two Tone Wheels in Horizon 3

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