What's the fastest way to earn credits?

just wondering if anyone has figured out what the best race/settings/car to time = most cash is yet :slight_smile:

Honestly, just playing the game turns some nice rewards if you are VIP (which we all should be if we are playing today, right?). Im VERY low level still, like level 7, and between races, and spins (and selling some of those spin cars I didn’t want) I’ve already racked up close to 1.5 mil.

Just play. Don’t buy cars you won’t race and sell prize cars you don’t want.


Just do that and another good way is just to do a bunch of rival races

Pretty-much this. And also, if you’re starting out and struggling amassing Cr stay away from buying mod packs. It can be tempting, but also a quick money pit.

Haven’t played yet but seems like the game loads you with credits by just racing. Prize spins every level, sell car for credits, race bonuses. Sounds easy.

I agree with the above. Prize spins from levelling up looks to be one of the fastest ways to get money. So I would recommend just playing and playing.

I saw the following video this might help you.

I want to try this not for the cash, but for the challenge of going at over 200mph on the oval for 50 laps (35ish minutes). I think it would be surprisingly difficult.
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There should be no difficulty whatsoever in accumulating credits. Credits are actually the biggest joke in the game so far. They come by so quickly that it’s more of a handout than anything. Valuable cars in terms of credit price don’t seem all that valuable or special in this game.

Rival races seem to pay a lot. Before every career race I go the Rivals section for the class/track to learn the track (again) and to test the setup for the car. Most of the cash and levels come actually from there at the moment.

You can also boost the income using Dare mods. There is one that enables damage and pays an additional 20% for it. Free cash if you use the realistic damage anyway. Similar mods exist for limited driving lines, TCS etc.

I don’t know if it will still work but I got most of my initial credits from a loyalty bonus they give from playing previous forza titles. They were giving 5 million credits for every other forza title for which you had with 300 cars or more. The best part is they didn’t need to be different cars. I think I had around 200 of the 5,000 cr VW’s in Forza Horizon… The Indy car route is a good method but I use the showcase at the brickyard for my credits. It’s only 7 laps at a time and the base payout is 14,000 credits (28,000 cr with VIP) with 9,300 xp and an average completion time of about five minutes on the track. Averaging for 60 laps like the video above, you end up with more credits and about 19,000 more xp, and you never have to pit. Good luck!

U guys have any good ways to get alote of money fast?

I wish there was a simple answer… usually its rivaling but i dont know anymore

Just leveling up has worked well for me. It’s very easy to get the top prize in the prize wheel, I’ve won over 8m credits just from playing through career

Yes. The easiest way to get money fast is to play the game and race. You get paid for miles driven so the more you drive the more you get paid.

If you tune and/or paint, that’s a good way to supplement credit income but really the only way to earn money fast is to race.

I think the best way to get money is simply to level up, get money as you go along by completing races and by getting lucky on the wheelspins.

Race Driver Experience - Indianapolis with Indy car is an easy money maker, especially with the right mods (extreme brake reduction etc) and all assists off.

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Honestly the prize spins and race winnings, even without the VIP bonus, give a very respectable amount of money. Especially in the Showcase events which have plentiful laps and proportional earnings.

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If you can stand very long races, the endurance section of the showcase events is a great way. I got 1 million credits from the Sebring race alone, and around 10 million in cars and credits from the 22 levels I gained.

Thanks guys read my other posts too