What wheel are you using with FH5 on Xbox

I’m using an entry level Thrustmaster TMX which gets the job done, but has a pretty vague center at the full 900 degrees of steering even after I adjust things like FFB settings in the Series X Advanced Controller menu. It’s not terrible but I wonder what a better wheel would give me.

I could upgrade to an xbox compatible TX wheel, but Thrustmaster seems to have even more options and better wheels…but they’re all for Sony’s system. Is TM the company that actually handles xbox compatibility via the wheel itself (Swappable) and not the base, so the base servos will work on any system…it’s the wheel that determines if an Xbox detects it natively or not?

I know many people use Logitech but I think moving from a TMX to one of the $300 or $400 Logitech setups is more of a lateral move, I’m looking to go one or two steps up. And for anyone who has upgraded from an entry level Logitech or Thrustmaster wheel, was the improvement worth it for a game like Horizon 4 or 5…or Motorsport 7…

Discuss! :slight_smile:

Logitech G920. Works well enough for me. Can’t comment on how it compares to other options.

I use a Logitech G920 wheel and pedals coupled with an Aiologs Handbrake and Gearshift on an Xbox Series X. The setup works pretty well and I’m happy enough with the performance. My only criticism is not being able to use the LSB and RSB buttons especially since you have to use two of the available button options for the useless Anna features (…which I don’t need). It gets a little frustrating having to go in and reset the wheel for certain configurations, and I’ve had to learn with just not having some optional buttons available to me when needed.

By the way… I’ve had zero success using the wheel for Drifting events. The cars just spin randomly out of control and no amount of practice has helped. This is probably due to my lack of skill, but I have no trouble drifting with the hand controller. I’ve achieved just about every drift accolade and weekly challenges are not a problem. I just can’t get the same technique using the wheel.

It’s almost the opposite with regular races be it road/street/dirt/CC - the wheel setup is great and adds to the experience. I rarely use the hand controller for these unless I just feel like a bit of a change in seating position or there are some really easy challenges.

The wheel/shifter combo is also best for the F1 games and Forza MS. It’s a much better experience overall.

I find that for drifting I have to have the outside deadzone setting down to c 25-30. Helps a great deal for controlling drifts,normal setting i use for racing (60-70) needs too much input for drift control . You’ld probably be better off using steering sensitivity setting for achieving this quicker steering input,but i’ve not messed with that setting so can’t advize

Thanks PentEd1231. I’ll give it a try. I normally avoid messing with the wheel settings as I have a nice configuration atm, but I’ll do a custom save and experiment with it for drifting. Cheers.

Just thought - i have my inside deadzone set to ‘0’, but i can’t remember if this is stock setting or not. Reducing outside setting down to 25-30 might be too much if inside setting is also set greater than ‘0’. Just take a note of what settings you have now so you can revert back if needs be

How are you using a hand brake with a G920? :thinking:

How are you using a hand brake with a G920? :thinking:

There is a relay of sorts that splits the signal from a dedicated controller. I don’t know the technical aspects but the wheel, gear shifter and handbrake are connected to the Xbox via a single USB cable from the relay and need the controller as some sort of emulator, and requires a separate power source. The Aiologs website has the wiring map. I did need to purchase the relay/junction unit separately. It works fine. Depending on my mood and the event I can use manual shifting with a clutch just like a real car. I don’t use it for fast (S1/S2) races as automatic is quicker. I have another hand controller which I can use independently of the wheel/shifter/brake setup. I guess I should also mention I’m using a “Next Level Racing” frame set up.

The quality of the Aiologs products is superb.

Yeah I think the TMX and the Logitech models are about on par with one another, with the Logitech being much more popular because it came with a nicer feeling wheel and pedals w/clutch + the shifter in many cases for about the same price. I still think the FFB in Forza Motorsport 7 is superior in feel to FH5, but FH5 is much more intuitive than FH4 was.

We’ll see, I’m curious if anyone who owns the Thrustmaster $500 TX reads this and has upgraded from a TMX…

Thx for all the replies.

Which one?

This one - but I have changed the seat for an adjustable, fabric-covered “ZQ Racing” seat and modified the gear-shifter/handbrake bracket for the Aiologs. The pic is from the catalogue. The seat position is adjustable from a “GT” position to “F1” (shown). My only criticism with the cockpit is the amount of time required to alter the settings for different sized drivers. It does require some effort with a hex-driver and spanner. Other than that, the set-up is fantastic and I’m very happy with it.

I’m using the GT Ultimate… I really wanna upgrade to the FG-Elite, but $$$$. :frowning:

My only issue is now I have a handbrake, but I can’t use it.
Don’t know whether to try and mod something, or try and but a Wheel Stand 2.0 & try to mod that up to the GT Ultimate seat. :man_shrugging:t3:

While on topic, if I may ask. I switched from pc to xbox gaming and I have g29 that is left. I know there is adapter, from Reasnow, that enables to use g29 with xbox, with some FFB being lost. As it is mostly for FH5, do you think that is fine?
Anyone have experience with that (other than youtube videos)?