What is the new ranking system on the new forum?

I was community VIP (1 star) on the old forums, and now I’m A-Class?

Could a mod/dev post some info regarding ranks and what you need to get to the next rank.


Actually this is a good question, i’m not sure what “On The Podium” is…

So the forums been up less than a day and this is at least the 3rd thread on this…smh


here ya go.

Are you sure that that’s the link? I keep getting an error message: “There has been a serious error in loading the forum. No further information is available”
And this is with trying both Internet & Chrome.

Yep, Hmm, I did a direct copy paste from the FAQ in the News Section, not sure why it failed though.

ok I see it now. But still don’t know what it takes to get to the next rankup

Yeah, it does seem to be an error, I still don’t see the page(s).

Edit: Looks like I am alone on this now!

Looking for this?

New forums FAQ and How To

Yes, looking for that.

For those with link issues:

What I still want to know is how many posts do I have to do to level up?

Why do you need to know. Just continue to be involved and post and your rank will move up. I think that’s what the community team had in mind with the new ranks and not telling us how many it takes.

I know eventually someone will figure it out, but just be involved and don’t worry about rank.

Here’s a guess-timation on how many posts per rank.

Drivers Permit: 0-9? Posts
Drivers License: 10?-49 posts
Racing Permit: 50-199 posts
D-Class License: 200-349 posts
C-Class License: 350-599 posts
B-Class License: 600-999 posts
A-Class License: 1000-1999 posts
S-Class License: 2000-2999 posts
R-Class License: 3000-3999 posts
X-Class License: 4000-5999 posts
On The Podium: - 6000-7999 posts
Series Champion: - 8000-9999 posts
Racing Legend: 10000 posts and higher

That’s actually probably a very good guess. I’m at S-class right now and have around 2200 posts. Good thinking!

then I would be stil at racing permit with less than 199 posts but I was A class on the old one, Like dragnet said its not about the post race.
I think it is how you post on here supportive and some posts also because I was @ racing permit on the old forums and then jumped to A class… so who knows?

It’s not a post race, as some of you seem to be thinking.

Here is a haiku describing how I feel about ranks:

Ranking up? pointless.
Enjoy other’s company
Forget the numbers

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@Ritzy…like I said its a guesstimation, its not set in stone with those exact figures…and im aware its not a post race, ive gotten my fair share of warnings…