What are your guy's opinions of day one DLC/gift cars?

Forza Horizon 3 had a ridiculous amount of free cars on day one. If you bought the Ultimate Edition you got the preorder car (1), All Star car pack (10), VIP pack (5), and the Forza Reward cars (up to 10). That is almost 30 cars right out of the gate.

While it’s nice to get bonus cars, I think it sours the start of Forza, which has been a game where you work your way from slow FWD compacts up to hyper cars and LMP race cars.

I remember when the starter cars meant something. Now it’s just something you get out of the way so you can jump into your S class day one super car.

What are your guy’s thoughts about the day one cars? Are they too much or not a big deal?

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In credit-based-economy games that match car availability to real world credit value, those who prefer expensive cars (exotics or race cars) are forced to grind for hours before they can unlock or buy the cars they like, while fans of low priced cars (hatchbacks and city cars etc) are able to jump right in to the genre they like. This seems like an unbalanced design for a game that you’d expect would treat car fans equally.

Gifts help balance it out. Players who don’t want the gifts have been able to remove them from their garage easily to date and proceed from scratch if they choose.


A lot of people arent interested in the career/offline portion of the game, they want to get right into the hoppers or in with their friends. And a lot of people simply dont play the game very much at all, I would guess half the people that play Forza only play for 10 or 15 hours before moving on to another game.

More cars at the beginning means more options for players and perhaps more interest and involvement in the game. There will probably be another 400 cars to buy besides the ones you’re given, so dont worry about having something to do.

Also being able to buy tokens/credits pretty much defeats any point in “working” your way thru the game when you buy ( again ) whatever car you want and jump straight into that class.

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Where did you come up with this???

It’s a guess, but I got it by looking at the overall leaderboards and some of the achievement websites as well some of the other info given out by devs. It’s by no means perfect but you would be surprised at how many games get payed less than 40 hours never to be touched again.

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I’m fine with the current system, because nobody forces you to use those higher class cars from the beginning. In general, when it comes to games or software (or actually anything), then I’m usually against restrictions and very pro options.


I mean, you still have the option of just deleting the cars right away if you don’t want them.

I do hope that Forza 7 carries on from Horizon 3 in having a more tight economy to make the cars have more value without feeling like they’re out of reach. Forza 6’s economy just felt non-existent by comparison.


Im fine enough with the current free cars even if i find myself not using them for a while

I understand why there is a lot DLC due to licensing being expensive but still annoying to see day one dlc being announced immediately

the one thing that thankfully t10 have not been doing now that i really dislike is exclusive pre order vehicles not being able to drive the audi rs4 in horizon 2 for 7 or so months really sucked

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I think you spoke too soon…

There should be two modes IMO. Easy mode and hardcore mode. In hardcore mode you don’t have any bonus cars at the start, you don’t have wheelspins, you grind your way up via race rewards. If I would still be interested in a new Forza game I would play that hardcore mode for sure.

IMO a game either goes the cash/credits route and does it good or else a game goes without a credit system at all (like PCARS2). Even though I really like the single player career mode of PCARS2 a lot, I did enjoy the credits system and unlocking facilities and crew in Dirt 4 a lot as well (credits gain in Dirt 4 is way unbalanced but that’s another concern).

Key words there, “if you bought the Ultimate Edition.” For those who pony up that kind of cash to get the game they should get some kind of reward for it. Probably the most frustrating thing is how unbalanced the prices are game to game. The Enzo is one of my favorite cars. It was super cheap in Horizon 2, but buying it in Horizon 3 put me back almost 3 million credits.

@Zeem: FH3’s economy is much easier to gain credits than FM6 especially with all the perks you can use and Horizon edition cars to exponentially increase earnings. This is accounting for my VIP in FM6.


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Doesn’t bother me. I’d rather earn them but it’s a popular program for higher tier folks (some really care about this for various rreasons).

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Whassup swerve been a while… People like me this time around that won’t have time to grind as much appreciate it and if I do find the time I won’t use most of my starting perks. Choice is usually a good thing. Thanks for options Turn10.

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Yea I won’t be able to grind most likely either so it’s a nice bonus. Generally I never use these cars because they are not in a class I care for. I tend to pretend they don’t exist so it’s a none issue for me.

It’s too early right now anyway to determine what are the game breaking economy issues. Generally after launch this can be noted.

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Lol! Tru. These are the cars I have targeted in the past for more stable tunes for new and less experienced users to earn some creds early on.

I think at the end of the day were playing a game so it has to be diverse and fun so if you want to you can play it whatever way you want. You can always delete the monthly gifts or just not pick them up and delete the starter cars as well. As for wheelspins, if they do return, you can always skip them too. I prefer to work from the bottom to the top in racing as I find that it helps me improve my general driving ability and I don’t like going in say an S class car from launch with no assists on and because I don’t use any assists, naturally I prefer starting in slower usual FWD cars to learn the physics again. I only use the credits to but cars to paint them as rental paint cars can’t be customised with body kits or rims so I buy the car to find out what time suit it most what body kit etc…

I think Forza does well in the fact that if you want the money it’s presented to you but if you want to grind you Can, though I did find Forza 6’s economy absurdly easy. You could earn up to 1 mil every 15 minutes if you included the wheelspin.

I remember when you had to EARN the stuff you wanted in a game. Its what makes games fun! Nothing kills the fun of a game faster than being given everything you want. Besides, no one wants to race s class with a bunch of newbs that have never driven more than a stock honda civic. I remember in pgr2 if you wanted to unlock the tvr cebera, you HAD to platinum every single race. I NEVER got to drive that car. But im not mad, thats how games are, not EVERYONE wins.

Here’s the thing, fun is subjective, so I think something like what Brezipp mentioned above would be nice. One where you have to earn everything, and one where you can run free with whatever cars you want.

I think it is waaay to early for T10 to have announced day one DLC, we don’t know anything of substance about the game so what is the point of saying there is going to be day one DLC(which they haven’t even announced what it will contain). I’m getting tired of modern game producers(not just T10) doing this, at least give us some more details about the game before announcing there will be day one DLC and when said day one DLC is announced at least tell us what is contained within it otherwise it suggests the producers themselves don’t know what is going to be in said DLC and if that is the case then just leave it for at least a month after the game has released.


I only half agree with this statement. In this case Day One DLC refers to cars bought on higher editions of the game to tempt people to get those off the bat instead of the standard version. In theory there’s nothing wrong with that and no one’s twisting your arm to buy it.