Were the dynamic headlights removed from the game? (PC)

I play a couple times a week to collect Forzathon stuff or rip around, but haven’t done a night race in a while. I loaded up the Nürburgring for a quick lap today and noticed the dynamic headlights weren’t working. I have every setting maxed and never really change that, and I can’t find any actual setting for the headlights other than turning them on or off in the rain. They just appear to be gone. I still have headlights but they no longer cast shadows. Am I missing a setting somewhere else to turn them on or off?

Hi Mr. Donkey,

It’s been a long time, I hope you are doing well sir.

I’m having the same problem except it seems to happen at VIR and Yas Marina. Yas Marina isn’t much of a problem but VIR without headlights at night or dusk in FM7 is a nightmare. I didn’t see anything we can do to fix it as players.

Hey Bill,

I forgot I even posted this here. I found the solution for this issue the next day.

If you are playing on PC and are using an Nvidia card with GeForce Experience running, open it up, go into setings and see if you have Nvidia overlay running. Toggle it to off. Now in Win10, click on Cortana and check settings and you’ll see game mode. Turn that off too.

Doing this I got the dynamic headlights back up.

The weird thing is that I’ve been running with the GeForce overlay since FM7 launched and haven’t had an issue. I’ve also been running the game maxed this whole time without stuttering and after the last update it’s stutter city. I had to find my own fix for that too using Nvidia profile inspector and have mostly succeeded.

Having to open up Nvidia profile inspector to make the game run smoothly is something I’ve never had to do before this last update.

And how do we fix this on the xbox one version? the headlights look like they are barely working on tracks like VIR and Spa.

If you’re playing on the Xbox One S (or fat console) I don’t think dynamic headlights are even available. You’d be running the basic lighting. VIR and SPA are just incredibly dark and mostly unlit. It’s not a headlight issue as much as the headlights in the game do not perform near the level of real headlights on race cars that race at night. My '52 Chevy truck lights up the road better than the rally cars in the game with the light pods attached. It’s just something they need to improve on going forward.