Hi to all Forza fans.

I think that we have waited so long on the new Forza Horizon and maybe it will be better to release the game this summer.

Keep dreaming.

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The reason why we have to wait so long is because it takes that long to make a good game. Releasing it now = Glitchy mess

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While I’d love to play Horizon 2 now, Rockit is right. When I want to play a glitchy mess, I dust off TDU2.


Biggest complaint on FM5: it was released too soon.

This person’s response: release FH2 too soon.

Look, I know that there have been a bunch of casuals brought into the series recently, and that’s great, but some of these random forum posts lately really have to make me wonder.


FM’s Facebook page posted an article the other day, can’t remember what about… In the comments of the post there was a kid who looked to be about 8 years old who said that he 'luv teh expletive outuv froza 5 beecuz i tack my ‘67 Cheval an rek stupad peaple! i dunt evan cur i lose i get 5500xp! XD’

It took a lot self restraint for me to not say anything… I just hope the people running that FB page read the comments and asked for his GT so they could ‘give him special recognition until the year 4227.’ The point? This is what happens when T10 advertises Forza as a game for everyone. You get little rage filled kids jumping on here thinking it’s Burnout…


No we don’t.

I really think the release date is fine where it is. This game will be good because it won’t be a rushed game like Forza 5 was

Seriously? Listening to all the rubbish about how T10 messed up so many things in FM5 because they were rushed into finishing it is getting old. Wait for the game to be finished in due course, and there’s more chance of it working with all the features people want.

Keep FH2 in development until it’s correctly finished; although we don’t get “a lot of good games” on the One, I still have some other games to finish. And since I only have an hour here or there to play at all, I couldn’t care less if games get spread out over the year.

Some people think you can make a great game overnight… it takes years !

T10, Microsoft and other game producers have release schedules for a reason, however if you feel that your request is justified why not let them know by contacting them directly here