We REALLY need another Forza Motorsport?

This some simple ideas, wishlist, to make FM7 bigger and playable many years…

1- On the Free Play menu, we can create a playlist of tracks to run, like a little championship with time of day and weather conditions.
2- With this, a playlist of cars with upgrade config/tuning lock or partial. Even a base liverie wich players can create your own liverie under that, for sponsored races.
3- All this will be shared with the Forza Community, to play on and offline. Just download the configs.
4- This is some things I want for a long time on franchise…
a) Windshield banner. Full customizable. Even the transparency. Thinking, again, in sponsored races.
b) Every single part on cars can be paintable. Even plastic textures or grids… Rear/front wings… Brake pads and rear spoiler too. Every single part!
c) Free box entry to do some little adjusts for tuning mode. Thinking in personal Track days or even race competition.
d) Create a multiplier of tires and fuel consume to improve the race strategics
e) Put in game an ECU system, to adjust the power of car freely… And a system to increase the weight too.
5- One the main ideas of the franchise is customize appearance using external body parts on the car… Even cosmetics itens, like rear lens… At least external body parts, bring a base design for all street cars… Clean front side holes from bumper, any antenna, tire body protection, change side mirrors for lighter racing mirrors, change sunroof for lighter one. For the rear spoiler, use the several models present in the game… Since the small ones until the big ones… For the tire wheels, is the same thing… Use the models present in the game to increase a lot the possibilities…
6- For the tires, bring back the idea present in FM2… When we buy, we can choose the brand and for every one, a different spec of life, grip and responsiveness… Every tire will be marked with your brand. This is awesome!!!
7- Take the previous idea and, again in FM2, select a brand for every piece you buy in game… This unlock the brand sticker to use freely even to paint with colors whatever you want!
8- Shows all specs of the car, like engine type, how many cylinders, size, weight, etc in the upgrade shop and tuning menu… In the tuning menu, show all the “numbers”. Even the unlock configs, so we can consult this numbers for base ideas.
9- In some “street upgrades” unlock little or limited configs, like suspension and gear ratio.
10- Use more the cameramen put in the tracks for replay, like the real broadcast… And give us a tool to put some exclusive angles, or order to see, the replay cameras… Use the multiplayer interface for free play replay too…
For now, I believe is enough… Thank you! ;D


Ive never liked the concept of wishlist threads because they bury ideas instead of encouraging discussion.


I agree with this. I do understand why they are on the forum, but some things kind of need to be in their own threads.