Vinyls and Shapes

Is there any plan to add new fonts or a wider variety of primitives?

Also, are there any plans to make the full color pallet options available to shapes and fonts? Or is there a work around I don’t know?!?! Right now you are limited to a basic color for each shape. Adding a gradient, texture or sheen can only be done on the car’s paint. Any tips would be appreciated.

I would not expect any new fonts or shapes. Forza games in both series have had the same fonts and shapes for years with no additions. But, in reality, most of the better, more experienced painters only use a small fraction of the available shapes as it is now. There are lots of other enhancements and improvements that would be way more beneficial than new fonts or shapes.

Note: Most of the top painters in the game almost never use any of the actual text fonts. Almost all text that they use is custom created for each design/logo.

Indeed; almost all of my logo work is done with fewer than 10 basic shapes.

Again, this is also true. Unless the typeface your logo uses matches the ones in-game, or your logo is very small, it’s better to go with custom lettering.

As I’m learning I’m finding put you’re right. I have been working on a couple of designs and I think I am going to try and tackle some text next. I’m finding I keep going back to a few basic shapes. I do hate toggling back and forth between spinning and stretching…etc. the stamp tool is pretty handy for getting curves right. I’d played forza 5 and enjoyed the design better than racing…sort of. I can kill a good 4-6 hours on it without blinking.

I know pros don’t share tips much but if you have any for a newbie…all ears.

I find that the Forza painting community is actually pretty good when it comes to giving advice, sharing tips and tricks, etc. I think that for most of us painting cars is something we really enjoy and we also appreciate the work that goes into a great paint and therefore tend to appreciate and encourage the work of others.

My suggestion would be to just start a thread and ask for some advice or some specific suggestions if you come across specific issues when painting.

Forza community is here to help! We’re not here in great numbers as we use to but (I) do still drop by once in a while…