Vinyl Shape Accolades

Hi, I‘ve not really been into designing shapes and liveries and have just checked this out in the game and I am a bit puzzled about one thing particularly and wonder if I understand this correctly:
I am supposed to get 1000 downloads and likes (and uses, but that one doesn‘t seem to work anyway).
And then I learned that apparently if I create a shape then if someone else uses my shape in his livery, then he will not be able to share his livery, correct?
So essentially I would need to find 1000 people who find my shape so good that they will use it for liveries that they create only for their own usage, but won‘t be able to share the livery, that they create with my shape?
As I have my doubts many people would create liveries that they can‘t share.

If it worked - it wouldn’t be all that unusual.

People sometimes need a complicated logo or to build a design around a character that is beyond them. So they download a a ‘group’ (rather than a shape) which could be a person a cartoon character or a logo they can’t do themselves for their own personal race liveries. The fact that it is unique to them is it’s own USP (Unique selling point) to some people, they don’t want everyone to have the car that they have. If it’s their favourite car, they are more likely to use it a lot as it’s their own personal one off ride.

It’s a shame it doesn’t appear to work.

Getting 1000 people to use a vinyl isn’t that hard, but I doubt that the accolade works anyway, probably bugged.

I’m not really seeing how this would work. These seem like a poorly designed accolades. The downloads one is pretty straight-forward, but someone constructing their own livery using published vinyl groups could easily have 20 different vinyls from 20 different creators. The game would need to increment the use count for each one of those vinyls whenever the car with them applied was used in a race or event. Likes are more problematic. Likes are usually only applied for tunes and liveries when the game sends a nag screen after it has been used a few times. Is the game going to send nag screens for each individual third-party vinyl too?

& That may well be why it doesn’t work as described