Unable to transfer Ford GT40 paints from FM6 and FH3

I was able to transfer all of my paints from previous titles but the Ford GT40 paints simply don’t show up on available paints to transfer. Has anyone else had this problem?

Noticed the same thing, and designs for that car are my most downloaded! We’ll look into it.

In the meantime, play fh3, fm6, fh2 or fm5, select all vinyls for left, top, right, front and rear and save as a group for each, import as vinyl groups into fm7 and apply. Long way around but it works.

Here’s what happened: a new version of this car was created with the 1966 Le Mans winning livery on it, the #2. It’s essentially a different car altogether.

The old liveries we created for the GT40 without that livery won’t transfer over to it. So you’ll need to save vinyl groups for all sides and import them to apply to the car.