Tuning Question

What do you guys do to make the car not want to spin as much when you transition corner to corner?

In Horizon 2, a high caster and lower differential did it for me. However, on Forza 6 it seems like it just takes a lot of practice plus using absolutely no throttle on the transitions. As for my tuning settings, I use 100%/100% on differential and 7° on the caster. I’m sure there are other ways to fix the problem but I don’t have every bit of tuning effects memorized.

ive been messing with the brake pressure.

stiffen your roll bars, soften your springs, keep intensifying until you get the car to transition the way you like. generally the softer your springs the easier it will be to transition but it also means you will be transitioning slower and slower so you need to balance it. 500 front 420 rear is a good basic spring set up, keep an 80 split between the front and rear or close to it, if you are using a heavy car (> than 3300 pounds), you could try something around 600 and 520, and if it is considerably light (< than 2600 pounds), you could try something like 450 front and 370 rear. Roll bars try to keep it 3-5 split between the front and rear, 25 front is a good basic front rollbar and anywhere from 20-22 is a good standard rear roll bar. if the car is heavy keep the ratio the same but increase it, so like 26 - 21 or 27 - 22, but if its super light then try a softer roll bar, like 24 - 19 or 23 -18. man im giving away the goods on this information but hope it helps you

also like Myatezhnik said, make sure your diff is 100/100 (locked) and run 7 caster, ALWAYS 7 caster. the more caster you have gives you more control of the rotation of the car and allows you to be more smooth. it is especially important on a controller but also important on a wheel

oh and brake pressure does virtually nothing it is personal preference, if you want one that makes it more gradual and not so sudden to lock up the brakes when you press them down, try 80 to the front with 80% pressure, thats what i use, but like i said its personal preference and isnt going to change how your car is going to transition

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I only drifted for like 15 minutes yesterday but I did put the exact “basic” tune I used on Forza 5 and it seems to work, the only difference I have found out yet is the transition seems to require no gas at all, you can always message me back if you need help with tuning as I will try to refine mine over the next few days.

To add to what RIDICULE said…Last night I was trying to build a RWD R34 Fast and Furious Edition and couldn’t get it to drift right (kept spinning out and also had no angle) and just simply making the roll bars at 25 and 21 helped a lot.

Thanks guys, ill try that when i get on.

Still having problems lol

Have you tried using absolutely no throttle through the transition? Even a slight amount will throw you into a spin.

Edit: Also what are you damping settings? That could also be a problem.

Could you help me as far as camber and toe ? I still seem not to be able to hold drifts . I can transaction pretty good just not hold my drifts as we’ll even with good throttle control as I play with a wheel.

For my drift set up, I follow a guide from a guy that works on Dai Yoshihara’s Formula D car. In the article he says the best place he found for camber would be around -3 degrees in the front and to run as little camber in the rear as possible. For toe, he mentions that it’s best to use a very small amount. This part I’m unsure of because he says 1/8" and in Forza it’s measured in degrees so I’m not sure what the conversion would be. I use -0.1 toe on front and rear but in Horizon 2 I was able to gain more stability with more negative rear toe.

Inertia bruh. You can’t be full gas then no gas, ur gonna spin. Ease off towards the end of the slide while ur ass is still goin towards the outside apex before u flick into the next corner.
Ur front width may h too high, too much grip. Add psi or lower front width or both
Front tires are important while drifting
Manage tire heat with proper technique and counter steer. Too hot while slowing down from high speed corner to low speed and they’ll spin you also

I figured it out guys thanks, turned damping and rebound down a few clicks, messing with spring rates and roll bars more.

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Very nice! Now for any other car you make just apply the same kind of tuning but alter it to match the cars weight and weight distribution.

Thie here; Forza Motorsport 6 - Watkins Glen R34 Drifting - YouTube is the drifting I could do following everything said in here mixed with a real drift tuning guide. Although I still can’t get high speed drifting down :frowning: