Tuning help?

I was just wondering of anybody knew of a car that can do a wheelie off the line thats not DLC or disc 2. If so what is it?

I’m sorry friend, if could well understand, you want a car to make a long burnout, is it?
U can try the dodge challenger 1970 in S700 class or more, with all the “helps” turned off.
This is a good fry-tyres car. kkkkkkkkkk

Wheelies and burnouts are two different things…

Only car that really pops in to my mind is the -99 lotus elise 1999 myforza.net ← that car.
I don’t think it will pull wheelie off the line, you need some clutch brake trickery to go along with it.
- YouTube

The Ruf Yellowbird can if its clutch slipped and maybe the Lotus like was posted earlier. But other than that, nothing wheelies in FM4.