Transmission gear ratio (need help/suggestion)

is there a formula for gear ratio for the way i want to set it up? i want to set up my gear ratio base on my RPM. example i want my gear ratio from gear 1-2 to only drop no more than 2 rpm and from gear 2-3 i want the rpm to only drop around 1 - 1 1/2 rpm and everything after that only drop 1 rpm.

i like to drive small class cars and want to get the most power out of my car and i like using clutch w/manual

Plenty. The easiest two ways to do so are as follows:

  1. Use google to search for a gear ration calculator and proceed.
  2. Even easier, look up SpotTheKitty’s open source meowmobiles thread and in the first post find the RESOURCES section. You’ll find links to all sorts of useful tools and reference material.

Also, you wrote you want your RPMs to only drop by 1 or 2 - do you mean 1 or 2 thousand or literally 1 or 2 RPMs??? Cause uh… yeah…

well make your first three gears closer and you wont see much of a drop. experiment with the values until you get what you want. if you upgrade the engine you might have to change it again after the upgrade. i’d recommend a lower final drive to achieve this so there isn’t much of a difference in your first three gears.