Traffic congestion!

I used to think I was imagining it, but no, I don’t think I am: Horizon 3 has a traffic problem. At first I thought it was just in the city - that was bad enough. But I’m noticing huge buildups in many places now. I’ll try to drive through a speed zone and I’ll swerve through a series of three cars and then find a swarm of five or six, on both sides of the road, immediately after that. I almost feel like the AI instructs cars to mass around me. I don’t remember thinking the traffic in Horizon 2 was this unnaturally, unpleasantly thick. And S2 cars? I’ve basically decided the game’s not built for them. I wonder if anyone else was having the same feeling.

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Try online freeroam
Its a lil bit quieter

It really helps, only way I was able to get the 3 stars on all of the Drift Zones without idiotic drive-retards spawning every second.

The AI doesnt seem too clever in this game…if i park up in the middle of the road they wont try and drive round just simply form a line until I move??

The traffic is very annoying at times in FH3. Nothing is worse though than having a huge skill chain and a drivatard simply slams into the back of you. The AI in this game is awful.

The only improvement that I have seen is that in Horizon 2, the cars used to follow you out into the fields if you’d been there swerving around, building up your skill score for too long. They don’t do that anymore, fortunately. But the road traffic - there’s far too much of it, and you’ll get these clumps of 6 cars blocking the whole road. Cars should NEVER, in my opinion, be blocking both lanes. But it happens all the time in this game.

Yea freeroam is much better. Traffic on SP likes to indicate left or right and still stay in the same lane lol.

I don’t have any problem with the traffic except for drift & some speed zones with a lot of turns.

Playing in a ghost town/map wouldn’t be very funny either ^^.


I think it would be nice to be able to turn off traffic in free roam. So you could really attack the leaderboard if desired. As it is it’s kind of random to whether you can get a good run on some of the speed zones (in not good enough drifter to complain about them- as my randomness is more of issue to me then the AI but when I do get descent at it it will probably bother me a bit.

I was able to three star all stunts in SP (didn’t realize free roam was/could be better) and when I did go to free roam with some friends I realized there was a lot less traffic and tried to do some handling type speed zones still found the AI to spawn on apex, or exits of the turns I was perfecting very randomly. Only difference was it was a single car versus coming round the bend and seeing 2 to 3 cars blocking the line. This is still a bit of an issue. As to which is better as you lose the ability to rewind to perfect so it’s kind of a toss up as to which is better. With slight lead to online free roam

It seems to vary with the time of day. Sometimes it’s impossible to get a clean run down the highway, and others it’s fairly easy. The problem isn’t so much the amount of traffic as it is the AI behavior. Drivatars do stupid things like cut across the highway, or spin in place. But what has been most frustrating since the first game are the regular AI cars. They will go from 50 to 0 in no seconds flat whenever you approach them, or a drivatar approaches them. There is no way to brake or swerve fast enough when they do that. You know when a drivatar is weaving through traffic ahead when all the AI cars are dead-stopped in your path. Maddening.

I may try online free roam by myself if I am still able to pause and tune my car. The only time it bothers me in single player is when I am tuning in a certain area, the AI will multiply to the point of mass traffic and accidents everywhere. I move to another area and it’s not long before I am surrounded again. It wasn’t this bad when the game was new but now it is crazy sometimes and like others have said, very random. Sometimes there is almost no traffic.

There are AI doing the speed limit down the highway with a few single speeders and then an AI convoy will come into the area. This is not too bad until it happens on the 2 lane roads and a convoy piles in. They always seem to aim for me. I have now resorted to driving into the dirt to avoid the mess.

I do enjoy the traffic when I feel like driving down the highway in one direction and then using one of the roads that parallel the highway to make a loop. This is a fun way for me to tune my fast cars or just cruise at full speed.