Today i got weird BUG BUT VERY ANNOYING when i try to save my design and tune to my car, they show with error “TOO MANY SAVES, You habe too many saves of this file type. Please delete some from the file manager before saving any more.” THE FACT that i still have less than 450 designs !

See some of my pic below:

  1. If u see “MY DESIGN” page, still shows only 414 designs (limit is 500)
    Pic 1

  2. I try to only change my car color and save it to the car
    Pic 2

  3. BAM! The error showed up!
    Pic 3

  4. If u see again in “MY DESIGN” page, my current color change is saved BUT NOT applied to my car!
    Pic 4

  5. My car is still with based color (no changed at all)
    Pic 5

  6. If i tuned my car too, it will showed the same error too after buy the tune.
    Pic 6

  7. Error is same too (TOO MANY SAVES) the fact, i only saved about 5 tuned!
    Pic 7

  8. The different with design error, after “too many saves” file showed up, the “SERVER UNAVAILABLE” error is showed up too (this is constant bug, i tried many times) But with this bug, the tuned IS SAVED TO THE CAR (NOT LIKE THE DESIGN THAT NOT SAVED TO THE CAR)
    Pic 8

-Reset my forza
-delete some unused design and tuned

PLEASE HELP ME!! (NOTE: I cant submit a ticket, because i banned from support LOL, just answer in this thread!!)

Sorry for my bad grammar, hope someone help me! Thanks!!

See? This forum is useless, no one helping here.

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((((((((((STILL NO HELP )))))))))

Rather than waiting on here, perhaps you should submit a support ticket to the official support site Official Support & Enforcement - Forza Horizon 4 Discussion - Forza Motorsport Forums


Lol, he’s banned from submitting tickets…

OP, we’re end users like you, does that make you useless as well??

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I kinda think this is exactly what OP was talking about. Instead of constructive criticism you attack him/her. This seems to be the norm for this site though.

So where is your help for the OP? There’s only one way I know of to get banned from submitting tickets.

As I clearly stated I was agreeing with the OP not offering advice. Im not banned myself but have received 0 help from any ticket

Those are just guides for how many saves you CAN have. If you have lots of photos and replays and whatever it will bring the number down.

Shouldn’t be too long now. I do appreciate when support replies :slight_smile: