Time taken to select things in menu's

Hey guys, this has bugged me slightly since I have got the game but only recently since I started painting again has it bugged me the most. On Forza Motorsport 4 selecting different things in the menu were really quick and it popped up really quick as well, then Forza Horizon came out and selecting on Horizon was really slow like there was a delay for everything to come up and I noticed that Forza Motorsport 5 does the same, it feels really slow.

But as I said in the painting booth is when it’s worse for me, I do things quickly so If it had taken me say 5 minute to make a vinyl on FM4 it takes me double the time on FM5 just because of the time it takes to select things then for it to do something.

EDIT: It’s also the same for upgrading a car, something which I could do fairly fast was upgrading my cars exactly how I want (buying an upgrade e.g. pistons) on FM4 you didn’t have to wait for the buy message to pop up on your screen, you could just quickly press ‘A’ ‘A’
and you bought it, now it takes just 2-3 seconds from the message to pop up then for you to press ‘A’

Has anyone else ran into this or not? Or should I just start doing things very slowly?


Totally agree. I also notice this when trying to select a car in a lobby. I’ll be on it tapping A but it won’t select until the picture loads which is all after wearing out the right bumper just to get to it. I don’t think it just forza, the system just feels very slow and sloppy compared to the 360. Hopefully this is only a temporary thing and as the console ages they get it more responsive.

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I don’t know, I think it may just be FM5, like I said above FM4 was really quick at being able to select different things then when Horizon came out it was slow.

But It’s got to that point where I really don’t want to paint because it takes to long to make a design (even if I have all my vinyls ready to stick on) It’s driving me slightly nuts.

Updates are super slow also,on the 360 boom they were done,the x1 is slower than the ps3 was at updating

Bigger assets…lame…slow…not replaceable… hard drive. Im sure they will get better with it…but at the end of the day, the hardware is a bit lacking this generation…

Holy hell, I made a thread exactly like this last week saying the same thing and it got locked almost instantly and moved. I’m so happy to see that others think the same thing when it comes to this, my god.

I don’t see why it would get locked. I don’t know if it’s actually a game issue, but I think it was made this way. But hopefully at some point Turn 10 may be able to bring an update out for people who don’t want to feel like a snail when doing things.

I seriously hope so as well. I doubt we will get an actual response because I’ve never seen one before, but it would be VERY nice and appreciated.

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In fact Forza 3 had the fastest times on menu selection. From then on the time to select things got slower incrementally. Dunno why but it kinda bugs me.

Between the flags, this game is amazing to play and behold. It justifies the xb1 purchase for me by itself. But It’s also amazing to me that the menus could be so convoluted and slow, given their importance and relative ease of creation. I have done a bit of programming myself, so if someone could explain why this element has seemingly been considered unimportant/too hard to improve I’d love to hear it.

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I agree. I find the menus and tuning sliders extremely frustrating. I actually think the game itself is a big improvement on FM 4 but the slowness of certain elements is irritating.

a bit off track here but, has anyone notes how laggy the x1 keyboard is?

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Yes I’ve noticed that as well.

I can agree the interface is a lil slow/sluggish when doing vinyl painting and upgrade selections and all. but i guess it will improve overtime, hopefully. :expressionless: