Thrustmaster TX recognition problem


I have a Thrustmaster TX with GTE wheel.
From the first time I used it, Xbox One does not recognize it when I power on the unit. I have to disconnect & reconnect the USB cable everytime.
The wheel does not calibrate, Xbox One menu/desktop partially recognizes it (some buttons work, some don’t) but nothing works in Forza 5.
After re-connection however, it calibrates and everything works without a problem.


  • I’m using the side USB socket (because of the distance to the wheel)
  • I choose to leave the unit in standby mode when I turn it off, not in sleep mode (terms can be wrong, the unit turns of completely when I power down)
  • Xbox pad works without a problem
  • Since I only use it for Forza, I don’t use/turn on the pad (ever)
  • As far as I can remember everything’s updated to the latest software/firmware (Xbox, Forza, Wheel)

I am a Xbox/Forza newbie, so can someone tell me is this the way this wheel works or there should be a setting I missed, etc. ?!?

  • I remember seeing a warning somewhere that says my profile does not have a registered controller or something like that…

If you have the xbox controller connected it will not recognize the wheel in the game. Turn off the controller, then use the wheel.

First of all thanks for the replies. It is fixed know but, let me answer these just in case someone else has the same problem.

The Xbox Controller was not connected, I only use the Xbox for Forza so I never use the Controller.

achandab” - I don’t use an extension cable or anything similar.

Owen0501” - If you are simply talking about disconnecting the USB Cable and reconnecting it, that was what I did everytime to make the wheel work.

Even though I haven’t changed anything, somehow it works properly now. I even saw the wheel calibrate itself at the beginning.
Not sure but probably the latest update fixed it…

I have the exact same problem. I think,it must be the USB extension cable. Try it without it and let me know how it,works.

Check the breakaway connection on the USB lead - I’ve had the same issue a couple of times on PC and Xbox and once I disconnect and reconnect it solves the problem for me.

Hello! Anyone know why thr GTE Add On Wheel On The TX why the abxy buttons dont work? It wont recognize. Please help thanks!