Thrustmaster TH8A shifter for the TX wheel

Looks like it should be dropping in in the next couple of months, as they are now putting up info on their facebook page.

I really hope that we are talking about weeks or even better days instead of month…
Considering that the hardware part seems identical to the PC version it should be out soon.
My playseat is ready equipped with the gearshift holder pro

The actual mechanics for the gear changes may well be identical to the TH8RS shifter, but I would be very surprised if it is the same circuitry and firmware inside that thing. The TH8RS is designed as a 100% standalone USB device. I would also assume that Thrustmaster would have been doing a fair bit of testing as well, and I will also be very surprised if we don’t get a new firmware for the TX wheel itself before or when the TH8A is released.

just got my tx wheel today and screaming for this shifter… at least i can still use g27 shifter on pc for time being.

they need to get the pedals in stock though seriously… even the basherboards cpx adapter for fanatec pedals is just as rare to find.

i feel naked without a clutch pedal

Darin from inside sim racing had done a review for the TH8A Shifter from Thrustmaster. Let’s just say I’m getting it next month. I want to use it for sequential shifting (the + & - way. Did I say the right name of it?)

Inside Sim Racing Review of TH8A Shifter