This. Is. FORZA. Achievement question

I haven’t checked every single race icon but I had looked at a couple, how do you get 10 events in one championship?

I had one championship that was 6 races.

Gotta make your own 10 race championship.

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This-and make sure to include a few circuit or scramble races. You may need to increase the lap counts a bit to get to 100 miles (about 161 km). I did five point-to-points and five 10-lap races on smaller circuits and got it with 100.8 miles.

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Go to any location that has a championship available and go far left to blueprint. In one of the options screen in there you can add events.

i did a blueprint for this achievement in byron bay, goliath race 3 laps and 9 other cross country sprint races in offroad class cars ^^

Ah so it is simple as just clicking on a different track. I thought I could only choose the ones that were blinking, lol.

you can do the championships as you like, remove some of the races and put others you prefer ^^

I did 3laps Goliath Circuit and three other sprint races i love them, all together it make 163,7km (161km = 100mile) so i’m a little more then 100mile

Oh yes those Goliath Circuit is so lovely, first i want 5 laps but i’m not allow to do one race, i have to set 3 different races lol

edit: ok this is weird: i did 163,7km on 4 events, and still no achievement received?

It has to be 10 events.

Ahh damn i’m gonna kill myself lol

i thought i have to do 10 events in total and doing championships
Seems it is ONE championship WITH 10 events, i got a idea for this lol use Reliant cars only and only me will use bodykit (like bicycle with extra wheels) easy win ever!

Sorry for necroing but this was the first google find of the “issue”… Still applicable though in the game.

The way I failed was to setup a championship with 10 races and 114 kilometers and raced it… Not 100 MILES as the achievement stated :frowning:

FML being an european and not reading the description well enough

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