The ability to change Sound levels other than music?

Does anyone know if there’s option to reduce opponents engine sound or increase yours in the full version? In the demo i can’t hear my own car, if an opponent is within view. The demo has master volume and toggle music on and off. They have to be more sound options, right?

It was like this in FM5 too. Would be nice if we got those options in 6, but I wouldn’t count on it.

I don’t have this problem in FM5 but it’s bad on the demo.

I was hoping there would be an option for increasing the volume of your own engine too. I’m a bit hard of hearing and aren’t supposed to use headphones in case it damages my hearing further.

In FM5 i tended to find the problem was confined to certain cars. I think it is to add to the realism and add another layer of difficulty (Think of FH2 Fast n Furious dash to the airport).

However if you speak to anyone who does have hearing problems they will tell you how frustrating it is to have a sound you are trying to focus on (in this case your own engine noise) drowned out by other noises.

I was playing FM3 yesterday and noticed you could play with all kinds of audio settings, why can’t they give us those settings again? The main one for me is the menu noises, in FM5 the ‘ding’ was way to loud when navigating menus and options. But back to FM3, there was a slider for your car, opponent cars, race music, menu music, master volume and maybe one or two others. If it’s like FM5 where all you can adjust is the mater volume then I really don’t know what they’re playing at, the game might as well be FM5.5.

I brought this up in F5. Its a right bugger not being able to hear your own cars engine clearly.
This option is probably sitting with a few other options that were in F2/3 that fans are missing…

Yeah its a problem you cant hear your own car. I hope there will be some patch wich repair this problem.

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Maybe it’s just my driving and the fact that I use a controller, but why do the tyres make so much noise even during the slightest changes of direction? It’s as if there is never any grip. Tyres should not be squealing around every corner, in my opinion.

I am not the world’s best driver, but I am also not terrible, so I am wondering why this happens when I go around corners? If you race in real life, or watch racing, then you will see that this does not happen like it does in Forza.

Here is a video for reference and it’s a very different aural experience

Genuine question - I am not trying to criticise the game unfairly. If I am doing something terribly wrong, then I want to know.

On a side note, I am pretty sure that in previous Forzas you could change the volume level of the engine and tyres separately, or maybe I dreamt that?

Yep, I agree, I felt like I was play Gran Turismo with all the tyre squeal now added! hehe

I actually welcome the new tire noise. It helps me know which tires are losing grip (as far as left or right because i use headphones to play).

it would be great if T10 added some sound sliders, including one for tire noise…


We need individual sliders.

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We need this patched as soon as possible and the rumble.

Would alleviate the wall of noise as it is at the moment and that’s just what i want, some helpful audio aids.

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I agree, a bit to much…im wondering if i can reduce it in game volume…

A slider would be the best as after I thought more about it there are some races where I just like the sound of other cars too but that comes with a performance downgrade of driving for me. That way I can have it either way I want. Depends if I just want to put in laps or if I want to try to be competitive…
It could be as simple as 2 sliders, one for our car noise and one for all other noises. It won’t break my heart if they added more though but I will take something versus nothing.

In some cars it is just ridiculous… the tires are constantly squealing even though I only make minor adjustments on a straight.

I like the tire noise. If you use manual with clutch you can get the tires to chirp on 1-2 shifts in certain cars. It’s very realistic and I haven’t noticed it being excessive during cornering or drifting, either. But I do agree that we need more comprehensive audio adjustments available.

Having being a big fan of Forza since day one im kinda surprised they still haven’t given us a decent sound setup, i only race hardcore, in-car, manual gears, and no TCS ABS SCS, but getting rather annoyed that all i can hear is others cars around me and my screeching wheels, i can hardly hear my own engine, i listen to my engine for 3 reasons,
1 to tell me my traction level,
2 so i know when to change gear,
3 just for the love of engines,

So please can you give use the ability to change the sound volumes other than just the music volume

Also, whilst on the topic of sounds id love to hear more sounds like stones hitting the underside and wind when in open seaters, or the funnel affect when drafting, pinging stones when following close to another car, i play greatly for the immersive factor and feel Forza has always lacked in the sound department

I cant remember what game i played years ago but you could hear almost everything, from the stones hitting under the car to a few different tire sounds depending on grip, wind that got louder the faster you went, the whining gearbox, you really felt you was in a racing car tearing round the track, i think it was GTA 2?

I love the rain sounds even going through the small lakes, you got those sounds pretty much perfect, and it makes me feel more immersive in the game when its raining for that reason, youve added alot like the dust floating across the track, only for immersive factor, so cant stress enough how important sounds are, when im going past 100mph and still accelerating i dont feel im going faster as the cars too silent, just feels like a void…:frowning:

I think your ideas are brilliant and would love to see it implemented in a future title. I’m sure they have thought of these things but they have to keep content back to make the next game even better. I also agree about the diffrent sound levels as it was in horizon 2 but maybe that was why they had rev hanging issues?