Dear Forza Motorsport,

I am writing on behalf of almost all people that play the game mini game of tag(virus). We are all sick and tired of people getting out of the map and sitting there for an hour to get more credits. The majority of the people that do get out of the map are in '04 Subaru WRX’s. They can get out of the map on all of the specified maps given to us to play tag(virus). When I see people go over the corner to try to get out I try to prevent them by hitting them until someone that is it comes over and tags us but that prevents me from getting at least two thousand credits. An idea to fix this problem Is to place an auto-matic “It zone” as soon as they get out of the map, or a ban zone for 12-hours if they do get out of the map I know this stuff can be quite glitchy but it would be completely worth it.

There are stickied threads at the top of each sub forum where you can input your wishes or ideas.