Syncing issue

Hi I have had horizon 2 since it was released, spent loads of money on it including add ons etc, completed the game and spent absolutely days on it then suddenly one day it wouldn’t sync and had to restart the game, contacted Microsoft they can’t do anything so I contacted forms through Twitter as they are a nightmare to get hold of then they refunded me just a measly 1million in game credits after all the crap I done.

I deleted the game, re downloaded it and still know luck so anyway I just thought screw it I’ll carry on and just forget about it then guess what it happened again so I just thought fk this game and give up but now I’m wanting to play again and realised that I shouldn’t give up on something I have spent loads of money on time on, I’m actually really quite angry that this has happened to me and so many others and its seems like forza don’t give two sts about there customers or at least that’s how it’s coming across, so anyway I’m wondering if someone can help me out with getting hold of Helios that I have heard can help me out or if anyone else can help me out?

Now I’m happy to forget about the countless hours I have spent I just want my cars etc back and for it to stop having this syncing problem so I can go straight on multiplayer with my mates and have no issues considering it’s what I deserve right after spending all this money and forza happily pocketing it, sorry to sounds slightly angry but I believe I have the right to be, thanks for reading.

I had a diff problem, I deleted game/save but keept the cloud save, after about 10hrs to sync I got everything back.