Sync at 100% then restarts my whole game progress??

Finished this game months ago, updated recently because I been playing GTA v often & after the syncing it restarted my game from the beginning, I’ve lost all SP progress & all my millions/cars has disappeared. Why has this happen?

Not even on the forum no one has a clue but oh well its the last forza game I’ll be buying. Wasted my time with this game getting car pass, vip & pre ordering on release
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This is a glitch that comes with the XBONE. I uninstalled the Forza Hub from my dashboard, my bad. It was in the game. right? WRONG. I lost all my Turn 10 (FM5, FH2) game sync!! Looks like the Hub is essential to GAME STORAGE–WHERE IS THAT CLOUD ANYHOO, THEY EVEN MADE A MOVIE ABOUT IT. Please Turn 10 or, this is happening too often.
MS-DOS asks you three times if you really want to delete. I have been a casual programmer since '84, starting on an IBM XT with an 8 bit processor, so I feel sorry for the gamer that only wants to plug and play. BTW I left the console/game at sync for 2 hrs for each game, and after it said “cannot sync” I kept at it with continue sync-do not hit “cancel”!!! Got it all back.

It has to do with syncing ridiculously large file sizes and not letting the sync finish or such issues.

Use the search feature to find and read through all the other related threads that have been posted here in the past. then send a PM to Helios T10.