switching XB1 consoles...

for christmas i bought my son a xb1 that me and him could share until i could get my own console.
well my own xb1 console will here wednesday. i have been playing horizon 2 on his console a lot logged in under my gold account.
i’m level 274 with a ton of t10 gifted cars and other stuff. i’m not concerned about dlc content cause i know i can re-download that stuff.

when i login to my new console and set it as my home console.
will the t10 gifted cars be transferred automatically or will i need to transfer some files using usb drive i.e. cars, tuning, etc files?

trying to plan ahead to make this painless.


As far as I know that stuff should be saved in the cloud.

Just give your son the new console. Problem solved.

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If you fire up the new console, set as your home console and then fire up Horizon under your account the game will sync.

It will be a full sync and a full sync and the subsequent loading of the saved game can take hours (and yes I mean hours).

Let it finish. It may appear at times that it has frozen but ignore that appearance and let it finish.

Once you get in the game all your tunes and paints should appear as normal.

The time after that when you load up the game it will be back to normal loading speed.


if you set your new console to be your home console your son will no longer have access to content purchased by your account and vice versa…if you leave his console as your home console he will still have that access

Problem with that is I don’t think Xbone will let you have 2 consoles set as home console. so either way one of the consoles is not going to have access to the xtra content I do not believe. (Not 100% sure on this as I only own one console.)

i never said anything about having 2 consoles set as home consoles , if he leaves his son’s console set as dads home console…he doesnt need to set his(dad) as home console to use all the benefits …the xtra content is accessible to his profile no matter which console he uses , but is available to anyone that uses his home console…he could set his (dad) console as his sons home console and use all his sons xtra content as well…the original intention before XBone was released was that content could be shared etween the family, unfortunately too many people didnt understand this , they complained ,and it got changed

yeah, you can only have one home console. dlc / vip i understand how that works, no problems there it was the gifted items that i was mainly trying to figure out how they would transfer.
i thought about giving him the new console however he has a ton of downloaded games and stuff.

it’ll be today, feel like a darn kid again and not a 48yr old dad… kinda cool!

thanks for everyones answers

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XCELRATE - I would suggest, just to be on the safe side, you contact Xbox Support - http://support.xbox.com/en-US/browse/xbox-one - to get confirmation of the proper moves before attempting anything. It might be best, even though you’ve received good advice here, to double-check what the steps will be.

yeah, i spent most of yesterday on the xb1 support page scrolling through 04-xb1 console and 06-xb1 games looking for similar questions and answers. didn’t find much so today i’ll asked the question there.

You will be fine. I “think” the first thing you need to do is remove the “Home” designation on your Son’s console before you start. :slight_smile:

Good luck!


after going through the setup, updating and logging in to the new xb1 console everything was painless.
installed horizon 2 and updated it [3.1gb update] started the game and the sync seemed to take forever.
as satnite said, it may appear to be stuck or frozen but leave it be.

all content for horizon 2 and forza 5 are fine. everything works as it should.
thanks for everyones help.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your success! Have fun.