Surprise surprise

So after seeing all the issues with FH2 it really makes me wonder why have I spent £70 on something that doesn’t work at this point of time.

Anyway, moving on from day one issues, it doesn’t come across as a surprise that the Forza Hub application on xbox one doesn’t work. Any information on this?

Every single time a major game release happens, its forum will be full of issues. People go to forums to post when they have problems. They don’t go there to post “everything’s working as intended.”


Well, some do go there to post “working has intended”, but half the time I don’t think that’s for the sake of good intentions, lol.

What isn’t working with the hub application? Should I bother with installing it just yet, or is it working for some people? I’ll take the gamble if it’s a 50/50 chance kind of thing.

it says theres a problem the first time i click it…but i just click it again and it works…try this

People also expect to get what they paid for…

My posts aren’t going through because I’m angry I spent all this money and my game is broken. This is really pathetic.

"wonder why have I spent £70 on something that doesn’t work at this point of time. "

At this point in time your £70 purchase has not been released in the UK - If you are playing at all be happy that you have early access (US store perhaps?? in whcih case you did not pay £70) and cross your fingers any issues with VIP content will be sorted at or soon after release

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Read it again… Just cause it hasn’t been released in UK does not mean it’s not working.

You yourself said ‘doesn’t work at this point of time’. Contradicting yourself while taking an attitude with other forum members will not engender others to help you. Politeness will.

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Im also having problems getting my loyalty cars. When i go to redeeme it tells me i cant redeem till next tommorow. This wouldnt be a problem except that i read if you dont redeeme a months rewards then youu miss out. Hopefully those loyalty cars are part of the october redemption and not september, otherwise i have just been cheated out of 5 cars :frowning:

Yes that’s my point. It doesn’t work and he said it’s not released in the UK yet. That doesn’t make a difference, it’s still not working for other people that should be able to play it.

Also read somewhere that the same thing happened with FM5 and that it took 3 weeks to fix?

If that’s the case for FH2 then I really can’t justify spending that money on a game that doesnt work.

Who said “the game doesn’t work”? VIP access not working is a big problem and something they need to fix ASAP, but “the game doesn’t work” is blowing it WAY out of proportion.

Well after looking on the forums this morning it wasn’t working for a lot of people who pre loaded it on the xbox…

The main problem I see is the fact that almost the exact same problems occurred in the F5 release so why was this not worked on to ensure that it did not happen again or are we all Beta testers so they can see what corners they can cut and what they cannot. If I wanted to be a Microsoft\Turn 10\Playground Games guinea pig I would have negotiated at least a small discount but as I have gone down the old school route of a physical disc I can but hope that when I finally get to play the game that at least some of these issues have been sorted out and not like in F5 when it took 3 weeks to sort out. If any high street chain of stores behaved in such a cavalier manner I believe they would not be in business for long especially if their staff had put on ear plugs while listening to a complaint just like Microsoft\Turn 10\Playground Games seem to have done ably assisted by the Mods. Firstly I must point out that I am not criticising the Mods because their workload today must be horrendous having to police a situation not of their making and facing some downright offensive and rude posts, but the sight of so many posts being locked down so quickly with the reason for doing so not made crystal clear does not show the Forum in the best light especially when it seems some posts have been shut down whilst just making a reasonable complaint about a situation that many of us feel helpless to address. Totally agree that anything offensive or abusive must be shut down immediately but for some of the others who in a very reasonable manner have stated how they feel about what is basically bad customer relations and a shoddy product surely someone from Microsoft\Turn 10\Playground Games could have made some sort of announcement in the News section of the Forum or even a broadcast on Twitch letting everybody know that they are actually working on it and are not in a bar somewhere celebrating Horizon 2’s successful release. I hope it all gets sorted soon so we as gamers can do what gamers do and get back to racing see you all on the tracks soon guys Ciao Da Now.

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