Sulcata Photographics | MACRO - 20/05 |


Set list

Set removed. I’ll post in places where people don’t worship one guy and see everyone else as mimicking them. While yes, we follow the same principles in some areas, our works have always been entirely different.

I don’t know why, but it get Pebb vibes from your pictures. I absolutely love the extreme close ups of the cars, really gives a different view of them that other full car pictures can’t.
Especially love these ones

Thanks for the kind words!

In regards to the Pebb vibes, we have both been involved in Forzatography for many, many years and I think I can safely say that for both of us, we like to stray from the over-saturated path of realism. Instead we both focus on originality and thinking outside the box. My field has always been Macro, while Pebb’s work is more towards different perspectives, though that often incorporates Macro too.

yeah I was gonna say, many of these photos look like they could have been taken by Pebb, so yeah the same vibe. Although some of BV’s photos also get the same vibe.

I guess I sort of missed what you posted but from the quoted message, those close up shots are really nice. Not sure what the other persons work looks like. As a present-photographer, the way the pictures are taken look similar to one another while in small and many ways is different to how the shots were taken. If you look at today’s photographs, you can see similar styles in many photographers that take pictures (Portraits, Landscapes, etc).

Even for myself, I take upon inspiration from other photographers and apply similar styles because it works and I am sure they appreciate the inspiration it had on them. There is a saying that Art is an imitation, this is true to Photographs. -my2cents

I hope some day we will get to see some new shots from such a person. Also I hope you had a wonderful Christmas fella. :slight_smile: