Stuttering/Hitching FPS drops after patch

After the patch the game now has slow downs fps drops, stutter, hitching. I tried stable drivers where I knew it worked perfectly smoothed 60fps maxed before the patch. Now it runs really bad that it’s unplayable.

I already had DVR game mode and all those other settings disabled so it’s not related to that. I came here to see if other players have performance issues recently suspecting it was a patch.

I noticed console players reporting the same symptoms in another thread.

I installed the Demo of Forza 7 and that still ran flawless no stutter at all.

I tried reinstalling the entire game and it’s still hitching stuttering really bad even though it’s running at 60fps. I tried on SSD and hard drive aswell same results.

1080 gtx
windows 10 patched
Nvidia driver 388.71

Nvidia released driver 390.77 today. The game works perfect now.