stuck at splash screen {pc}

i have been playing fm 7 and as usual it crashed and when i turned it back on the game opens only the splash screen and it is stuck only with the splash screen. any fixes?

You could try running the Windows Store App troubleshooter in settings and follow the prompts to see if that fixes it. It might find a corrupt reg key

i did try but it says to reset data of windows store and i did it
but no fix

it says the windows store cache maybe damaged

I’ve been getting the same thing lately.

Go to the windows store and download some small free app.

Forza 7 then starts properly after this.

Try it.

i have tried it but unfortunately i dint work for me

Try deleting all cached files from Nvidia, if you have an Nvidia card that is. New ones can then be generated cause corrupt ones will keep CTD’s at the same spot over and over again.
Normally there are 5 files in there… 3 .bin files and 2 .toc … delete them all and try again.

*C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.ApolloBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe\AC\Temp\NVIDIA Corporation\NV_Cache*

i have nothing inside TEMPFOLDER

hey i got it fixed what i did was jus reinstalled my nvidia driver