star level 93 million xp

hi i earned my in game level of star at or around 93 million xp. since then i have accumulated through game play 280,000,000 million xp. 6000 events cpmpleted and 135,000 miles driven. sweet. what i would like to know ishow when i compare games with random players on the club leader board players will be star level with as little as 6 million xp and once one guy had only 3 races done. i mean come on i did this legit and it feels a little watered down seeing all that fake or modded star level with so little xp. plus i would like to hear ack from players who have alot of xp like me i am proud of my game play stats and not one xp is from glitches or mods. ty and have a nice day

Hello there I don’t think some races count let me give you my stats when I do a compare against my friends it says something like 900 races completed when I look at my in game stats it says I have over 6000 head to head races and almost 1000 online races hope this information is some what helpful.all the best and good racng

wow 6000 head to head nice
and i appreciate your imput. i guess my main rage is people who are getting star level with only 6 to 56 million xp not the proper 93 mill it takes my friends.