Spring season #Forzathon Shop, events and rewards through March 14

Starts at 6:30am Pacific on February March 7
This is the fourth and closing season of Series 6.

Next change: Thursday, March 14 at 6:30am Pacific (Summer | Series 7)

Read Johniwanna’s overview of the Spring season article in /News and the Forza Hub app.


Note that #Forzathon Shop prices have changed.

  • 500 FP Car: 2004 Maserati MC12 FE (existing Exclusive model)
  • 750 FP Car: 2017 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Fiesta ST (existing Exclusive model)
  • 250 FP Clothing: Patrol Hat (Legendary)
  • 250 FP Clothing: Patrol Hat (Legendary)
  • Wheelspins cost 40 FP & 150 FP

#FORZATHON WEEKLY CHALLENGE: [must be done in sequence to count]
Earn 200 FP from this challenge plus 20 per Daily; bonus 60 FP for 1w + 7d

  • Own and drive any Super Saloon
  • Earn 5 Triple Pass Skills while racing in your Super Saloon
  • Earn 12 Sideswipe Skills in your Super Saloon
  • Earn 3 stars at the Swan Dive Danger Sign in your Super Saloon


Championship: “Super Saloon Tour” | Ambleside Village Circuit | PI<800 Super Saloons

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin / Wheelspin / 15,000 CR

Championship: “Streets of Race” | Wind Farm Rush Street Scene | PI<998 Hoonigan models

  • Reward: Ken Block Helmet

Championship: Community Route | Mountain Circuit | PI<900 Modern Sports Cars

  • Reward: Honda Prelude '94 (newly added Exclusive model)

Playground Games: Mortimer Gardens | PI<800 BMW Isetta

  • Reward: VW GRC Beetle (existing Exclusive model)

The Trial Co-Op Championship: “Moor than a Feeling” | Highland Farm Scramble | PI<900 Modern Muscle

  • Reward: Super Wheelspin

PR Stunt: Bridlewood Speed Zone | 150.0 mph
PR Stunt: Cotswolds Speed Trap | 240.0 mph
Meet the finish requirements to earn (Super) Wheelspins, CR, and/or a unique reward. To earn the Trial reward, team members must all race against Unbeatable Drivatar difficulty and win as a team against the Drivatars.


  • Championship: “Grass Roots Rally” | Southland Super Scramble | C600 Classic Rally
  • Championship: “Fortune’s Wheel” | Fortune Forest Circuit | S1 900 Super GT
  • Championship: “Mud & Thunder” | Fenholm Scramble | A700 Sport Utility Heroes
  • PR Stunt: Halcyon Point Trailblazer Start Gate | 42 seconds
  • Tip: 40 seconds in the Exomotive Exocet unlocks the “Exodus of Exocet” Achievement*
  • PR Stunt: Lady on the Lake Speed Trap | 230.0 mph
  • Tip: 180mph in the Koenigsegg CC8S unlocks the “The OG” Achievement*
    Fortune Island championships earn Wheelspins for 1st-2nd-3rd in Solo, Co-Op, and PVP.


Manteo, I have always been itchin for an '04 STi, but I never seem to get one. Now, how does this trial work? Don’t you need Unbeatable Drivitars in a Co-Op, or is it an online sort of deal?


again, I have prepared tunes for seasonal challenges and championchips. Goal is to win againts expert AI and be competetive in trials and games. Just search for tunes created by “Tato 790709”, add me as a friend or follow me.

For this moment are ready tunes for:

challenge : 17 porsche panamera, 14 bmw m4 coupe

rewards : 14 volkswagen global ralleycross beetle, 95 honda prelude, maseratti mc12 forza edition, 17 10 hoonigan gymkhana 10 fiesta

games: bmw isetta

hoonicars s998: 77 escort S900 or 62 napalm nova S900 (recomended), 91 porsche rauhwelt begriff 911 turbo (recommended with some rewinds), 65 mustang gymkhana 9/10, 86 ford rs200 evo,

modern muscle (trial s900): 13 dodge srt viper gts (recommended), 13 ford shelby gt500, 18 ford mustang gt, 09 chevy corvette zr1, 15 chevy corvette z06, 17 chevy camaro zl1, 18 dodge demon

modern sport s900: 15 porsche cayman gts (recommended), 15 audi tts coupe, 13 subaru brz, 10 morgan aero, 12 mercedes slk55 amg, 19 porsche 911 carrera s, 10 audi tt rs coupe, 10 nissan 370z

super saloons A800: 11 audi rs5 coupe (recommended), 16 mercedes amg c63 s coupe, 18 kia stinger, 16 bmw m2 coupe, 15 volvo v60

enjoy tunes and good luck :slight_smile:


Self promotion plug. For an unofficial community seasonal championship, I now have listed my series 6 spring events.

Three fully tested and clearly checkpointed modern sports car road events for a fresh and exhilarating bit of driving pleasure. All can be completed within 5 minutes. New post and information in my championship page.


Look forward to trying them out. Before now, I did not realize you had your events so organized (cool Championship page here)…so I would drive around the map trying to find the starting locations. There should be a better “in-game” way to follow good map builders.

As a side note, this is my first Forza game, and I was not impressed by the lack of in-game tutorial on what is available to do regarding every (and there are a lot!) aspect of the game from: racing & tuning to blueprinting, skinning, and joining community races. Maybe I missed something by not turning on Anna (or is it Alexa? Can’t remember, didn’t use it.)

Has to be said, second round of the Community Championship is a fine example of terrible checkpoint placement. Unless your intention was to kill the flow of the race by pretty much guaranteeing everyone who races it has to use rewinds.


I fully agree. The first race was pretty decent.
That second one, if you are struggling, put it on unbeatable and wait for the ai to run off the road for the easy win.
PG/Turn 10, this is an embarrassment on your part as much the creators. There are many outstanding community tracks, but you keep putting in easy win crap tracks that only punish people that want to rely on skills instead of exploits.
This is like the third week in a row you have chosen rubbish tracks for half the event. Test drive them before using them, or publish a list and let your user base vote on courses for events.

Yeah the checkpoints placement is just terrible I didn’t use rewind but I did had to restart the race once. I’m not sure if the developers actually test the routes before they are used in the community championship. BTW this route is also a prime example of how inaccurate the braking line in Forza can be, during the race the game frequently tells you to brake when in fact you don’t need to at all.

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I completely forgot the seasons were switching over today. Is it bad i’m excited to see how well I can tune the Isetta? LOL I would never race it competitively but for the PG game i’m down!

@huiop2 thats probably why you shouldnt lose lines of any kind. Even on the regular routes, just figure it out on your own. You can tell who uses the brake lines in ranked and I tend to pass them because they follow it

I don’t strictly follow the braking line I just use it as a general guidance. I could turn the line off entirely but since I constantly change cars I just can’t be bothered to learn the braking line of each route for each car. Braking line doesn’t slow you down but following it strictly does.

I use them but I don’t treat them as gospel. I think if you treat them as an aid rather than a crutch they’re okay.

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Without lines, bad checkpoints are bad checkpoints. The line sets the checkpoints, not other way around. No driving line still doesnt change poor visibility or indication.

In route creation, the checkpoints are not just to keep people from cutting corners. It is a vital communication tool to help a player visualize in 3D what they are given on a 2 dimensional surface.


Second race fail both of those, you can cut a lot few of those corners and in many place was really hard to notice where is next corner. This series community routes in overall has been really dissapointing.

So is this the end of all that Ken Block crap now?

Umm, Playground on Isetta!

For those as excited as I am, EVILISETTA


What good is a victory if you don’t look good? If you are changing cars up, tuning or just need a winning look, please consider changing your design up to help the hard working designers. It doesn’t have to be my designs (although I would not mind of course), but pick a new design just to help others out. I spend a minimum of 1 minute on each design, so you know you are getting quality when you use mine.

Thanks and remember to like the designs just because. Takes a minute of your time and could save a life (ok, maybe not)

Ps game is too easy… game is too hard… prizes are unfair… PvP sucks… pve is repetitive… forzathon shop has nothing good (of course I already own every car in the game, but still)… playground games are too long… other people suck at playground games and it makes it unenjoyable… I play too much and need a break.

Think that covers most if the complaints we see each week lol

Enjoy the game and thanks for looking at my post


ManteoMax, hats are 250 each.

Trial is laughably easy this week. Any PI900 build with AWD and dirt tires will put you at the top of the board. You can even shake your head at the players (both teammates and drivatars) using RWD road tire setups as you lap them.

Anyone have any tips for for triple pass skills? It kind of relys on the drivatars bunching up in a spot where you can blow by them; I get them when racing, but have never paid attention to how to specifically make it happen, and 5 is quite a few.

Do a drag race, beginner opponents. Use a car with good acceleration, like Audi A6. Wait for 0.5 seconds and start your race. It will take some timing, but you can pass three or four cars easily.


the other is the juggernaut race… as it starts on the motorway all cars are lined up across (like the drag race) … you get a couple of bites at getting the triple pass each run